The Zulu Animals in South Africa Slaughtering Africans (watch video

April 16, 2015

What is happening in South Africa? ‪#‎Xenophobia‬. It’s a shame that in Africa, we tend to give a good name to bad things. Simply put, Zulu South Africans have gone mad. Completely insane. And the press is not helping the matter. Black South Africans ganged up to kill and steal from African immigrants claiming that other Africans are taking their jobs when they are yet to question their corrupt government and the whites controlling their economy.

Gangs weilding axes marched through the streets

It is a shame on South Africa and her presidency. Jacob Zuma has not issued a single statement concerning the genocide in his country. Of course, he is as stupid as his countrymen. Nelson Mandela was and only is still the true leader that any African nation ever had.

I remember how Nigerians stood by these stupid South Africans during the apartheid and kids in elementary school would give up their lunch money for their friends in South Africa. Fast forward to 2015, Zulu men now consider it illegal to live and work in South Africa.

These group of idiots kill black foreigners, loot their stores and homes and brag about it on social media.

Even though, there are claims that no Nigerian has been killed, over ten other Africans have been killed. And their government is yet to issue a statement and the Zulu king who incited the violence from what I gathered can’t hold down his wild animals.

With all those graphic photos of butchered and burnt people on the streets of Durban, I would not even cringe if white people keep stereotyping Africans as animals because we keep behaving as such.

While we still battle terrorism in Nigeria and Kenya over religious differences, South African werewolves are on the lose for immigrants simply because their white South African bosses chose them over Africans of different nationalities.

Before I forget, DSTv and MTN are South African companies operating in Nigeria and other African countries. Let’s turn the table.

And remember guys, this same shit happened in 2008. So, this is not the first time.

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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