Fake Medias running scared with their pants down to save Woyane

October 4, 2014

by Teshome Debalke

Things aren’t groovy for fake Medias run by Woyane operatives. Like everything fake that embarrass you when you least expect it they are falling apart like a wig falls from the head of a women that attracted too much attention in an event.Pro-TPLF Journalist Embarrassing Moment

This time a fake Media run by a person named ‘Mesfin from TG TV Media Company’; as he introduced himself on the US Department of State’s daily press briefing on September 30th. The embarrassing fake journalist not that introduced himself as ‘Mefin for TG TV, a media company’ he kept talking like street cadre than asking a question as real journalist. It was obvious he came prepared to undermine the Ethiopians that confronted the TPLF run Ethiopian Embassy’s stuff and defend the out of control TPLF assassin — shooting all over the place like a cowboy on the loss. He even went on blubbering about voting for Obama and praising America “as the greatest democracy in the world” on behalf of the most notorious and corrupt tyrannical ethnic regime of Africa.

It was not clear the man was pleading with the State Department to forgive the cadre in a shooting spree or he himself is an agent asking for protection for himself. Amazed by his rowdy behavior, the Press Secretory kept telling him the incident is under investigation by the Secret Service and to wait until they complete the probe. As a typical cadre that is used to jail and kill on the spot he couldn’t wait until the US government turn Woyane and arrest and torment people at will. Once again he interpreted her and claimed to talk to the Secret Service and they didn’t arrest anyone –wishing they arrest the victims than the felon as Woyane does in Ethiopia every day. Other journalists that couldn’t wait until he shut his mouth to ask important questions than what happened to a tug who couldn’t tell Washington from Mekele finally interrupted him to ask question. He went on and on making a jackass out of himself relating the Embassy shooting with the speech Obama gave praising the Woyane regime to the amusement of the Press Secretory.

Record shows the fake Media man is identified as Mesfin Bezu, TG Radio & Television, according to My MC Media. Apparently, the drifter posed as a Media mogul doesn’t have other job according to his LinkedIn profile but using free public access channel provided by the Montgomery Maryland community. My MC Media, a nonprofit organization that runs the service, for the residence of the County. The purpose of the free platform was to foster free exchange in the community it serves. Accordingly, My Montgomery Medea “accepts almost all programming so long as it is noncommercial, legal content and does not solicit”.Mesfin Bezu of TG TV

In addition, one of the requirement to use the free access is; “contributor agrees not to use any portion of for uploading, posting, emailing, transmitting or otherwise making available content that is harmful to minors in any way, harassing, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, libelous, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.”

But, the fake TG TV Media mogul not only violets everything in the book but he is in search of other free community Media platform anywhere he can find them to push rubbish in the community. According to his bizarre website that refers him as Executive Producer of TG TV. He is also using Arlington Country free community platform as well as several counties in the surrounding area violating the residency requirement.

But wait, it gets better, the TG TV Media man not only have a funny looking website TG Television promoting the Woyane run ETV and the program he produce on My MC Media platform, but he paste hilarious slogans;

ኢትዮጵያ ሀገራችን በሰላም ለዘላለም ትኑርልን!
እውነትን እንጂ ውሸትን በፍጹም አናስተናግድም!

TG Television never broadcasts lies!

With that kind of slogan TG TV mogul should be honest enough to tell Ethiopians he is a video clipping TPLF cadre using free public Media access to confuse unsuspecting Ethiopians. That kind of honesty would have earned him some respect for honesty than acting like a real Media mogul and sounding more patriotic Ethiopian than the real Ethiopians.

That is not all; the man also run a Video production business too, according to his website it says ‘”As seen on TV, we have been producing broadcast quality videos since 2009. As the quality of the video is more important than lots of effects, we will also produce broadcast quality videos for your personal and business events. (Wedding, engagement, court related deposition, training videos…etc.). You will definitely love our low prices. Please call us for all your video production need at (703) 688-2398”, again violating My MC Media rule not to use the free public access platform for commercial purpose.

For whatever reason the fake Media mogul that uses the free community access Media’s platform plastered the king of Ethiopian music Telahun Gesesse all over his website along many Ethiopian artists it is clear. But, using them to push Woyane propaganda is another twist in the saga of fake Medias. But, like everything Woyane does; using popular Ethiopians until it gets what it wants is not new.

Somebody need to contact all the counties public access Media (listed below) and inform them the scum artist is using free public access Media for other than what it is intended and put him out of his misery.

Virginia-Cox Cable Channel 30 (Falls Church, Fairfax County)
Virginia-Verizon FiOS TV Channel 30 (Falls Church, Fairfax County, Loudon County, Leesburg, Prince William County, Stafford County, Fredericksburg)
Virginia-Arlington Comcast Cable Channel 69
Virginia-Arlington Verizon FiOS TV Channel 38
Maryland Montgomery County
Comcast, Verizon & RCN Cables channel 21
Washington DC (DC TV)
Comcast channel 95, Verizon & RCN cables channel 10.

In another development, fake Medias are nowhere to be found to cover the shooting spree of a TPLF cadre plastered all over the world’s Medias. The most telling is Awramba Times that have a habit of chasing Woyane’s officials for interview. He is nowhere to be found asking the official respond of the Ministry of Foreign Affair or the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington. The “we value impartiality” slogan pushing Awramba times that snatched 36,000 US dollars from the National Endowment for Democracy on the bases of;

“To contribute to long-term democratic changes in Ethiopia, Awramba Times will produce, translate, and disseminate news and analysis on good governance, human rights, rule of law, and the importance of strong institutions on its website. The online publication will provide an alternative to the state dominated media in Ethiopia through in-depth and critical analysis”

Interestingly, the one man Media that supposedly ‘disseminate news and analyses on good governance, human right, rule of law…’ uses the 36k grant it snatched to make sure there will be no good governance, rule of law or institutions free of TPLF cadres. It appears Dawit Kebdes’ long tour from independent journalist to prosecuted tourist/refugee by the notorious regime back ‘to contribute to long-term democratic change in Ethiopia’ under the same regime was the work of Woyane financed by non-other than the tax payers of America as everything else. It is how Woyane operatives have been playing Ethiopians for far too long. By the way, what happen to the Woyane’s Charities and Societies Proclamation that prohibits foreign funding of Media and Civil society? I guess it doesn’t apply to “we value impartiality” Medias that promote democracy in the long run, mind you not in the short run. After all it takes a long time for Africans to find the ballet box to vote out Woyane for a government of their choice. Better yet, they have to eat three times a day to think straight to figure out the right candidates.

Let’s see the slogan of some of our esteemed fake Medias’ use to promote good governance and democracy. ‘We report you judge’ ‘Unity in diversity’ ‘Committed to make a difference’ ነፃ ፕሬስ ነፃ ሀሳብ ነፃ መንፈስ it goes on and on.

It seems the lie factories packaging is falling apart on the weight of their own lies. As the slogan of TG TV ‘እውነትን እንጂ ውሸትን በፍጹም አናስተናግድም!’told by the Executive Director Mesfin Bezu. It summed up what the fake Medias are going through to unpack 23 years of lies and make sense out of it all.

It appears Woyane operatives’ fake Medias came up with a new strategy of overwhelming us with growth and transformation, entertainment and bashing the oppositions relentlessly. I don’t blame them, what else can they do to cover up the truth coming from all directions faster than they can run with their pants down?

Quite frankly my people, fake Medias must be confronted as much as the TPLF cadre that shoot first and ask question later in the Embassy that supposed to serve our people than Woyane cronies. After all shooting lies is as much damaging as a bullet if not more. If Woyane apologists couldn’t understand that reality by now they deserve what is coming to them.

If I were a Woyane, thank God I am not; I will run faster than the truth to save my behind or surrender to the truth. That, my friends is the honest truth you can take to the bank.

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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