The Truth Behind Elias Kifle & Ginbot 7

September 18, 2014

by Rosa Abadir

There is no doubt that Elias Kifle has been widely known for being one of the most vocal critics to the TPLF gangsters and had been a voice for the voiceless. Aside from his continuous outrageous critics; he had organized my successful groups and had proved and showed his passionate to defend human rights respect in Ethiopia. He had invested his time, energy and money than most Ethiopians in order to expose the savage TPLF gangs and their ruthless action against the poor Ethiopians.Ethiopian Review website editor

So during those days Elias was partially even-tempered and engaging but lately he has become something of a nuisance. He used to preach the possibility of armed struggle and importance of waging the struggle from Eritrea is the only resort to Ethiopians to overthrow the TPLF tribal gangs. He also praised President Isayas Afewerki’s generosity in support of the struggle and had made him best man of the year two years in a row. However after his unsuccessful attempt to work with the Eritrean government; he has been categorizing every group or individuals who doesn’t share his motto and working with the Eritrean government as Shabia minions which is impolitic as well as clear blackmailing. Evidently; he doesn’t even have another alternative excepting mocking individuals.

Anyhow, the reason that I am writing this portion is not with the intention to show a personal bitterness or to demonize Elias Kifle. Unlike that, I still believe Elias can be a power for good, with his personal motivated strength towards the struggle as well as his well-known informative media-ER; as it could be a reliable means of transport for unity but before any of that happens; Elias has to choose which way he is heading now. He can go down the slippery trajectory he is on right now and marginalize his dedication talent in search of earning money from Google AdSense or with some humility and self-deprecation he can go back to his old ways of being a force for good.

Sadly, we have witnessed that spreading fabricated rumors and making fictitious dramas has been a day to day activity to Elias for the last few years. Even his recent allegation & blackmailing of Ginbot 7 and ESAT is absurd as well as laughable; nonetheless it is expected since he is no longer providing a trustworthy report in courtesy of independent media while his highest priority has been driving traffic to his website so that he can be earning money via Google Adsense by attracting a lots of visitors. So no one would be amazed to hear such kind of deliberate lies from Elias except some gullible Ethiopians.

Actually, Ethiopians who have already discovered Elias’s twisted objective will very soon provide you a tangible evidence how much money with average could Elias is generating pre click. Though Google would not reveal how much money website owners are earning for each ad that is clicked from their site. Seemingly, this method of generating income has been a major scheme to numerous other Ethiopian website owners and editors to easily earn incomes than editorial principles, indeed Sad!

For that reason, Elias has identified where the traffic currently goes within the Ethiopian politics and also recognized how he can make keeping his visitors coming back for more. As a result, since his choice of topic is very sensitive he has been easily positioned to capture the traffic flow. However, he painfully unsuccessful to prepare for resources to answer some follow up questions, let alone he is indirectly becoming a tool for TPLF. Therefore, from now on; I doubt if he can maintain the traffic flow because obviously it will be reduced significantly once Ethiopians realized his motivation.

Regardless of his money driven enthusiasm; it is really funny to see how desperate Elias is creating such specious information and expecting us to believe it. In fact, for many rational Ethiopians it shouldn’t take too long to figure out what drove Elias to reach to this kind of laughable conclusion; but at least what we know is that his entire fabricated conclusion is invalid, of course not supported with substantial evidence, but an intended lie that is encircled by assumption & paranoia in order to gain significant visitors traffic flow to achieve his cash earning target as the topic he selected is very timely. But his kind of rhetoric seems simple libel and of course cause more damage to the popular struggle.

Indeed, Elias reminded me the story of “The Liar Shepherd” that we most of us had learned during first grade education. If you recall the story, one day the Shepherd had a bad idea to lie to the villages and cried out as if the wolves ate his goats. However, when the villagers arrived to save the goats there was no wolf at the scene, but they had noticed that the shepherd was laughing at them. Then the Shepherd had repeated his trick for another couple more times and the villagers responded same way & rushed to save their goats.

But one day, a pack of wolves actually came over to the goats. The shepherd shouted for help, but when the villagers heard they thought surely it was a prank shepherd boy again & they remained silent. Apparently, all the goats devoured by wolves. Truthfully the fate of Elias would not be different from the fate of the naïve liar Shepherd because for example he allegedly told us that Ginbot 7 point’s man Ato Zemene Kassie detained in Eritrea while we saw after a couple days Ato Zemene spoke directly live from Eritrea. Let alone his contradicted fictitious story & distortion about ESAT & abduction of Andragachew.

Nevertheless, Elias has proved to Ethiopians & clearly exposed his inflexible attitude along with his ego, megalomaniac and self-serving behaviors. Unlike to his personal previous courageous effort, his records shows that he has never shown any willingness to work with anyone to coordinate the struggle instead he prefers to apply senseless techniques of splitting words & widen the bridge among us. He always preach about democracy while he is the one who is always destroying the possibility of democratic process. He always uses an awkward way of settling differences in order to silence others.

Regardless, if Elias had the integrity and the courage he would present his case in civil manner and challenge the Ginbot 7 instead of spiting his fabricated filthy all over the planet. His entire statement about ESAT and Ginbot 7 is impotent & doesn’t have even have an ounce of sense, but a simple character assassination. His fabricated allegation about ESAT & Ginbot 7 is baseless and not supported by any facts; instead it seems that his judgment is biased by his narrow minded ideology & obsession towards Ginbot 7 & Shabia. He should have presented his case with cogent manner & support his report with evidence if he wants to the audience to know, instead of denigrating individuals in order to draw a temporary money flow from Google AdSense. Anyway, he mistakenly assumed that by posting his filthy debacle he would convince other rational Ethiopians, but instead he is exposing his own self-centered & incompetency character. No sensible freedom lover Ethiopian would be deceived by his tall filthy story.

Anyhow, Elias should embrace inclusive political agenda instead of fixating and adhering to his self-interested business target & political dogma. What Elias did is not benefiting anyone but serving the interest of TPLF indirectly who are using divide and rule as a tool. The enemy would love to exaggerate this fabricated drama in order to keep us divided. But, we Ethiopians have learned that Ginbot 7 & other groups coordinated struggle that is based in Eritrea is not a political suicide as Elias or other gullible Ethiopians portrayed, but a smart move to challenge a well-armed tribal gang.

So it’s advisable for Elias to disregard his senseless rhetoric about Ginbot 7 & Eritrean government with the goal of collecting money from Google AdSense and reconcile with Ethiopians to rejoining the struggle in order to focus on common enemy. Otherwise sooner or later his wish would be an illusion or like chasing the wind.

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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