September 10, 2014

by Wondimu Mekonnen

5th September 2014 will go down the history of Diaspora Ethiopians as a one of the great events in the struggle against the treacherous Woyyane regime. It was the third time that Ethiopians from all over Europe came together to raise a storm on the streets of London. The first was on 8th December 2005 . The 2nd was on 9th April 2009, when Meles Zenawi came to take part on the G20 London at Excel Business Centre. Now this one raising dust in London with a boom!

It appears that the ethno-apartheid Woyyane gangsters do not like when it is quiet.

It appears that the ethno-apartheid Woyyane gangsters do not like when it is quiet. It had been quieter form some. The the Qinijit (Collision for Unit and Democracy – CUD) leaders imprisonment at Qality up to April 2009 and the re-imprisonment Ms Birtukan Mideksa did indeed saw Ethiopians on the streets of major cities across the world. There were powerful movements, which gave bleeding noses to Woyyane officials in April 2011, when they ventured out with their bags and baggage to beg for money across the USA and European cities. The Diaspora totally ruined their plan and sent them back empty handed. Ethiopians in London would never forget the day they chased them out of The Imperial College of London hall. Elsewhere, Ethiopians did the same and more humiliating offense against the traitors. However, the heat against Woyyane did not continue at the same rate. Ethiopians came out in Unison in December 2013 due to the inappropriate maltreatment of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia to protest at the Saudi Embassy . However, that was not aimed at Woyyane. Woyyane had a good rest from us. Not this time.

Ethiopians say, “እሳት ቢያንቀላፋ ገለባ ጎበኘው” meaning, “when the fire snoozes, hay makes a visit”. First, they sent an assassin to Eritrea to kill Andargachew Tsige! Murderers! That did not materialise! Well, had they succeeded, probably they would have denied claiming to do with them. When it failed, they went against the international law, illegal abduction of Andargachew from Sana’a Airport! That is an outrageous and blatant violation of the safety of international air transport passengers. The fascist regime of Ethiopia’s abduction of Andargachew is a wakeup call for all Ethiopians throughout the world. This must be the last straw that breaks the back of Woyyane. It has ignited the fury of the slumbering Diaspora from its hypnotic stupor; there would be no way the fire would be put out! Friday 5th September 2014 was our 8th consecutive demonstration in front of the Foreign Office in London, but what makes the it unique is the fact that delegates from 8 European countries, such as Switzerland, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium joined their compatriot Ethiopians in the United Kingdom to ask the British Government why they have not been as furious as when their other citizens were taken in the past. This was done by blocking the roads, creating traffic jams, sitting in the middle of busy street of Whitehall, and making their point as depicted on this following picture. Radios, television channels went mad! But Ethiopians did it with style!

The demonstration started from Trafalgar Square at 2:00.

The demonstration started from Trafalgar Square at 2:00. By 2:20 it reached The Downing street. It was at this point Ethiopians jammed the road and blocked the traffic. The busy street of Whitehall was jammed at Downing Street and the demonstrators sat down in hundreds in the middle of the road stopping the traffic for about at least 45 minutes. You may follow the news at ESAT Radio. The video has been captured by photo-journalist Alebachew Dessalege as follows: Andargachew’s sister from the USA was also among the demonstration along her sister-in-law as it could be seen in the first picture on page 1.
In our struggle for freedom and justice, we were not alone. There were a number of British citizens who joined us to ask their government why they did not do enough to rescue a fellow citizen as you may also see on the following picture.

The main reason for the demonstration of 5th September 2014

The main reason for the demonstration of 5th September 2014 was the fact that Britain is the main donor country that keeps the tyrant regime of Woyyane in Menilik’s Palace, by doing nothing to rescue Andargachew from bunkers of the criminals. It is mainly the Britain that gives leash of life to Woyyane all the time regardless of the most gruesome record violation of human rights as detailed in the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, US Department of State on Human Rights. Ethiopians just fail to understand how the British Government considers a terrorist regime in power as an ally against terrorism. A terrorist regime that terrorize its citizen will only be standing against all values that the British establishment stands for.

The demonstrators were not just there for Andargachew alone there, although his abduction was the one that ignited their fury, but also to protest against the transgression against human rights by the Woyyane, the puppet regime of the British Government. They were there to demand the freedom of Journalists such as Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu and Wubshet Taye, as well as opposition party leaders and dissidents, such as Andualem Arage, Nathnael Mekonnen, Mitiku Damte, Yeshiwas Yehunalem, Kinfemichale Deebe, Andualem Ayalew, Yohannes Terefe, Zerihun Gebre-Egziabher and many others. Within the last 4 weeks, 16 journalists have gone into exile after the regime threatened to bring them to its Kangaroo Courts. Ethiopians were telling the British authorities, if at all refugees from Ethiopia come to Britain, it is because the British continue supporting the evil power that is chasing its citizens out of the country. The British tax payer’s money should not be used to babysit tyrant regimes, like the ones in Ethiopia – the outrageous international criminal regime.

After making their point at the Downing Street, the demonstrators headed towards the Foreign office. There too, they made a very loud protest to the extent that the Ministry’s workers have to stop performing their daily task.

The foreign office is the one that should be taking charge of Andargachew’s case.

The foreign office is the one that should be taking charge of Andargachew’s case. Two months have come and gone, but they had nothing to report to the family of Andargachew or to the community. Yemeni’s Government was responsible for Andargachew Tsige’s Abduction. What has the Foreign Office done about that? Andargachew was a passenger on Yemeni airlines, but his safety of disastrously compromised. The British should have made a strong demand for explanation and that did not materialise to this day.

British had all the power to demand the freedom of its citizen from the puppet regime it pumps tax payers’ money to keep it in power. Two months have elapsed, but the Foreign Office failed to spot where Andargachew is even held. This is unacceptable.

After a strong demand, speech and questions were posed to the foreign office, the demonstrators flocked to the Parliament Square, where they came face to face, with MPs who had just returned from their vacations, surprised visitors of the Square, both to the British citizens and international tourists. Horses were brought out to manage the crowed. Regardless of the road closure strong protest, the demonstrators made their demand peacefully and nobody was arrested or even warned.

After a strong demand, speech and questions

Hereafter, Woyyane officials would never walk on the streets of the civilised world freely. This struggle is only the beginning. Ethiopians throughout the world are continuing making demonstrations and demands in their respective countries. Woyyane officials who had recently gone to the UN summit were hiding like thieves from the people. Those who ventured out have tasted the bitter pill of humiliations in the United States. On the streets of Europe, there will be no way the criminal will ever walk freely. Ethiopians have vowed to pester these national shames wherever they go.

Ethiopians in Europe held a short meeting at the Square. They all agreed to get together yet again on 7th November 2014 on the streets of Brussels to elevate their demand to the EU level. Right now, no one is protesting at the Woyyane Embassies. The target is first to aim at their source of financing. Once the sources of financing dries up, it is easy to strike at the heart of the tyrants everywhere. Ethiopians have vowed stand up together, leaving their petty differences aside and march as one, until the human rights abusers leave the place. Europe wide Task Force is in place to galvanise the struggle and act in unison. The struggle will continue!

More than 100 pictures have been made available at:

See you all Ethiopians in Europe on 7th November 2014 in Brussels!

Dictators will go! Ethiopia shall be free! Justice, peace and democracy will prevail in Ethio

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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