The Great Honor of Being Andargachew Tsige

July 10, 2014


The path of struggle for justice, democracy, and freedom has been and always will be tough and full of up and downs. This is simply because those who want to remain at the helm of power will never relinquish their brutal machinery of oppression voluntarily. In fact, they will do whatever they can to continue torturing, killing, pillaging, and looting their country. These are bandits turned into ‘governments’; there is no discernable difference between them and organized crime or mafia. They kidnap, murder, torture, and steal. The only difference is that they have self-serving laws and kangaroo courts where they can display some kind of political drama to play the fictional act of ‘national security’ or, in the language of TPLF/”E” PRDF, ‘anti-peace forces’.Andargachew in Amharic means ‘unite them’.

The recent cross Red Sea abduction and kidnapping by the Yemeni and TPLF/EPRDF government of Ato Andargachew Tsigie attests to the fact that these two unlawful and undemocratic regimes are attached at the hip in their philosophy of mutual self-interest. Neither one of these two regimes trusts their own people, nor even understands the basic premise of international law. If they want to ‘fight terrorism’, as they proclaim on their state-owned media outlets, first and foremost they should stop their own terrorist activities. One of these is abduction. In the 21st century, they should know the ABCs of international law.

Andargachew in Amharic means ‘unite them’. As I read the condemnation and outrage from all political parties, NGOs, and civil society committed to seeing a free just, and democratic Ethiopia, for the first time I am observing a clear and unified voice in the Ethiopian political landscape. As his name says, all are united to purge the divisive and murderous regime of TPLF “E”PRDF.

Ato Andargachew Tsigie is a man of honor, committed to the cause of justice. He has spent most of his life under two successive regimes contributing his fair share to see an inclusive, free, just, and democratic Ethiopia. During these long and dark decades he never exchanged his commitment with luxury or rest. It is this commitment and this dedication that his abductors were afraid of. His unshakable faith in the freedom loving people of his country, his uncompromising discipline and mentorship that he shares with others, are assets not only to the country he loves but to all those who struggle for freedom around the world.

It is this dignified and graceful man who calls us from the dungeons of the TPLF/”E”PRDF jails. With his head, heart, and soul fully committed to the struggle of 90 million people, he instills in us his unrelenting hope and dedication.

Therefore, when we evoke his name we are claiming an honorable witness that is fully dedicated to the cause of freedom, justice, and democracy. Andargachew never sat on the periphery or the edges waiting for freedom, justice, and democracy to be given to him. Andargachew gave all of himself – in spirit, body, and soul – so that the freedom we all yearn for could be realized. When we claim his name, let’s remember that we are claiming to be mentored by his actions, which are selflessness, discipline, unwavering commitment to the struggle, and above all the belief that says ‘freedom is not free’. Let us all honor his name with our actions not only our Alem Mamo

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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