The illegal abduction of Andargachew Tisge: Ginbot7 Europe Network

July 6, 2014

Call to the International Community on Andargachew Tisge

by Ginbot7 Europe Network

The illegal abduction of Andargachew Tisge, Secretary General of Ginbot7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy and his extradition by Yemen Security forces to the brutal totalitarian regime in Ethiopia violates international law and principle of Non-refoulement. The people of Ethiopia indeed considers the illegal actions of Yemen Security forces on detaining and transferring Mr. Andargachew to the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia as direct attack on its long aspiration and struggle for genuine democracy in the nation.The illegal abduction of Andargachew Tisge

Mr. Andargachew is an Ethiopian origin and British citizen who has been struggling for prevalence of democracy in Ethiopia. He has devoted himself to the true cause of Ethiopian people, the inevitable desire for democracy. Though foiled successfully, the criminal dictatorial regime in Ethiopia has attempted to assassinate the leader Andargachew in November 2013. Mr. Andargachew is hero for Ethiopian people and is one of the icons of democracy in the nation.

Yemen had no ground to detain Mr. Andargachew for a minute who has been persistently working for prevalence of democracy in Ethiopia – let alone to extradite the leader to the brutal degrading treatment of the criminal fascist regime in Ethiopia. Yemen security forces committed crime that indeed irritated our movement and the people of Ethiopia. It is widely known to the international community and widely reported about the brutal oppressive reality in Ethiopia; and the degrading inhuman treatment of political opponents and journalists by the fascist regime. Ginbot7 Europe network would like to announce that the imprisonment of Andargachew will in no way hinder the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia. In fact it will only shorten the days of the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia.

Ginbot7 Europe Network calls upon:

– The Ethiopian people: to join the fight to uproot the tyrannical criminal fascist regime that has been the cause of immense and long suffering of the people and the nation.

– The British government: to urgently demand the exact where about of Andargachew, UK citizen, in Ethiopia. Demand its embassy officials and ICRC to immediately visit Mr. Andargachew and ensure its citizen will not undergo through degrading inhuman treatment by the fascist regime in Ethiopia. To use all leverages at its disposal to ensure the safety of Andargachew and secure the immediate release of Mr Andargachew.

– European External Action Service (EEAS): to take coordinated action with UK government to establish the exact where about of Mr. Andargachew in Ethiopia and use all leverage to secure his immediate release.

– International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) : to immediately demand the exact where about of Mr. Andargcahew and to immediately visit him to ensure the fascist regime do not degrade and torture the leader.

– Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International: to call for global camping to ensure that Mr. Andargachew will not undergo inhuman, brutal and degrading treatment of the fascist regime. To immediately visit Mr. Andargcahew the icon of democracy in the nation.

The days of Tyranny will soon end!

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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