The Ethiopian People have Said No to Ethnic Federalism

May 21, 2014

Wow Aboy Sibhat I wish I heard this one 23 years ago what he said on German Amharic recently, Ethiopian and Eritrean people are One and the Same.Aboy Sibhat I wish I heard this one 23 years ago

If we put into practice the language based Ethnic Federalism the crown jewel of TPLF/EPRDF the coastal area of Eritrea will be Afar Kilil and the highland part will be incorporated in to Tigrai Kilil. Foreign powers suggested such alternative long time ago but Emperor Haileselassie rejected it.

The promised “discussion” which is going to be initiated by Sibhat Nega the founder of TPLF shortly will bring in all the people of Ethiopia, from Asmara to Ogaden, Metema to Asab, Borena Neglle to Addis Ababa in general people of all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

Some will accuse such initiative as the “Habesha Conspiracy”. They know very well that such initiative will bury their dream of establishing “The Oromo Republic” and the “Ogaden Republic” the two front runners among many “to be formed Republics” based on the TPLF/EPRDF Constitution of 1995 Article 39.

We saw “implementation” of that article on the Oromo Kilil after waiting almost 23 years. Can we say without any doubt what the Oromo Kilil is asking is no different from what Shabia asked 23 years ago?

Aboy Sibhat claim of the “Ethnic Federalism” as a case study for the whole of Africa on how to make Ethnic Federalism an attractive alternative to avoid disintegration of the African countries is not serious. We know it failed miserably in Ethiopia.

South Sudan that has been in Ethnic war since December 2013 should redraw its map at least into Dinka and Nuir Kilil if we take the wisdom of Aboy Sibhat and “learn” from Ethiopia’s model of Ethnic Federalism.

Ethiopians in major protest estimated more than one million in Addis Ababa nine years ago denounced Ethnic Federalism practiced by the regime and we should give the same opportunity for the people of South Sudan what they think of redrawing their country into Ethnic Kilils.

Ethnic Federalism is a “Master Plan” of Fascist Italy more than seven decades ago which has been practiced in the last 23 years in Ethiopia. It is a bad model should be rejected by the people of Africa. It will not empower the people and put them into perpetual conflict like the one we recently witnessed in the Oromo Kilil and other Kilils of Tedla Asfaw

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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