The Third Rape of Ethiopia: Expect the noise of ethnic peddlers’ divide to escalate until Woyane bit the dust

May 2, 2014

Ethnic and religious divide of Ethiopians is as good as dead with the messenger Melse Zenawi. The damage is done and takes time to heal. But, why do our contemporary ethnic peddling elites keep trying the Nazi-Fascist’s fictitious narrative of tribalism and demonizing one Ethiopian against another?

Let’s face it my people; our contemporary ethnic elites are milking ethnic victimhood all the way to the bone. They literally took us hostage to the point where we couldn’t seat for our priceless tradition of coffee chat time let alone defeat the latest rapist of Ethiopia—Woyane to tend to the many facet of the political, economic and social problems our people. Sadly to say, the ethnic peddling elites appear replicating what Nazi-Fascist instigated ethnic divide to revenge its humiliating defeat in Adwa.

Ethnic and religious divide of Ethiopians is as good as dead with the messenger Melse Zenawi.

The self-proclaimed Tigrian elites running the Ethiopian regime with the seating-duck ethnic puppets that resembles the occupying Fascist’s administration of the 30s are pushing the divide louder than ever; so-much-so it is become second nature to them.

It is an old trick a typical tyranny use to keep the people in perpetual conflicts, suspicion and suspense to sustain illegitimate rule and economic extraction in the divide- conquer-rob strategy.

But, if truth must be told as it always should, the self-declared Tigre ethnic tyranny-Woyane or the self-appointed ethnic peddlers it hired to peddle division are busy doing their enablers job to destroy everything Ethiopian—unity, tolerance, diversity, co-expectance and Ethiopiawinet itself from the face of the earth by demonizing one group of Ethiopians against the other.

Naturally, searching for internal enemy has been EPLF-TPLF’s specialty to create victim and victimizer; thanks to Nazi-Fascist that introduced them with Amhras via the legendry Ethiopian King Menilk that inflected a humiliating defeat of Fascist Italy.

Never mind there was no an ethnic group called Amhara until Nazis-Fascists invented it to weaken Ethiopian’s unity. Nor there was Tigre ethnic group until TPLF-EPLF invented it for the same reason. Likewise, there was no language called neither Amarigna nor Tigrigna until both were born out of Geez; the former as the language of the Palace and the later for the rest. Forget there was no ethnic or religious divide when Ethiopians defeated Fascists or any invader before and after Fascism. Ignore the role the children of Fascist’s Ascaris — fanning ethnic division of Ethiopians and inventing Amhara King by rewriting the glories history of our people into a collection of ethnic victims of made-up enemy. Set aside what Arabs, including Egypt have done to undermine Ethiopians by fanning ethnic and religious groups and insurgency, including TPLF and EPLF.

The question is why our ethnic elites wanted to reduce our people’s history into victim and victimizer by demonizing the non-existed Amhara can only be appreciated when we explore who is behind them? Speculation aside, just asking who would gain most can answer most of the question why our contemporary ethnic peddling elites behave the way they do.

Amhara ethnic group was invented after the first invasion and the subsequent defeat of Fascist Italy in Adwa. The humiliation Fascist Italy endured by the unified Ethiopians was so unbearable; the occupied territory (Eritrea) and the inhabitant in it were used in the second rape of Ethiopia 1936. The ethnic divide intensified in hope of weakening Ethiopians unsuccessfully.

The Origin of Tribalisation of Ethiopian Politics: From Fascism to Fascism by Prof. Aleme Eshete quoted out of the book written by the Austrian Nazi, Baron Roman Prochazka titled “Abyssinia the Powder Barrel” (Vienna 1935). Prochazka was ‘posted for two years as Austrian Consul in Addis Ababa until his expulsion in February 1934’ and his book was published a year before the official Fascist invasion. The Italian translation of Prochazka book was titled Abissina Pericolo Nero meaning “Abyssinia the Black Threat or Danger”, according to the article. It says;

“The numerous peoples and tribes who inhabit the territory of the Ethiopian state, and which differ in race, language, culture and religion from the ruling minority of the Abyssinians proper, would long ago have thrown off the Abyssinian yoke if they had been given the right of self-determination. Instead, they are being forcibly kept cut off from European influences and from the advantages that progressive colonization could confer upon the country. The final aim of (Abyssinian) policy of antagonism to the white race, in co-operation with Japan, is nothing less than to act as the champions of all the colored peoples of Africa… It is incumbent on the legations of the civilized nations in Abyssinia to warn their governments to take a definite stand before the Abyssinians attack and destroy western culture and civilization in its entirety. There is no such thing as a united Abyssinian people. The greater part of the non-Christian tribes in Abyssinia has no more burning desire than to be freed from the tyranny of the Amharas… If they would vote freely they would certainly prefer a European protectorate to universally hated extortionists and slave drivers. This country is cracking at all its joints and has only been kept together up to the present by methods of ruthless coercion.”

Shockingly, it is identical with what our ethnic peddling elites led by self-proclaimed Tigre elites’ posed as TPLF-elected representative of the inhabitant Tigray Region talk about our people, particularly the author of Ethnic Federalism, Melse Zenawi. No wonder the apologist glamorize the little man and elevated him from the ashes history into greatness for fulfilling the dream of his family tradition of the Fascist’s Agenda.

It is highly recommended every living Ethiopian soul read the book and share a copy for every TPLF cadre and apologist to learn the true history of Nazi-Fascist and the similarity of TPLF from the ‘horses’ mouth’. In fact, it should be sent to every TPLF’s propaganda Media and dared to post the true history of Fascist, its defeat, the rise of the ‘Banda class’ and the ongoing ethnic division. A copy should also be advance for the sorry Prime Minster and the so called Regional Presidents…

Obviously, there is many more evidence to show what drives TPLF ethnic elites to divide Ethiopians. For example, when war crime charge was deliberated at the UN War Crime Commission against Fascist’s leaders, Baron Leijonhufvud, the Norwegian council representing Ethiopia findings illustrates what Fascist leaders had in mind to divide Ethiopians way before it is fashionable with our contemporary ethnic elites.

Richard Pankhurst book titled Italian Fascist War Crimes in Ethiopia: A History of Their Discussion, from the League of Nations to the United Nations (1936-1949) l

It says;

“A “close study” of the Graziani case, he declared, “gave an explanation of the whole Italian policy of systematic terrorism.” In support of this he produced evidence of Graziani’s self-admitted “intention to execute all Amharas,” and cited a telegram from Graziani to General Nasi, (General Guglielmo Nasi, Italian Governor of Harar) in which he had written, “Keep in mind also that I have already aimed at the total destruction of Abyssinian chiefs and notables and that this should be carried out completely in your territories”,

The ongoing Third Rape of Ethiopia is a continuation of the last two and appeared working when TPLF came up with yet with the same strategy ‘Amhara executing’ and creating Ethnic ‘Federalism’ led by ethnic warlords to do the dirty job.

The similarity of Ethnic Regions during Fascist occupation and TPLF ethnic segregation by Region also illustrate the origin. It worth to note, just like fascist, TPLF so called ‘Tigre’ people privilege extend in all Regions while other Ethiopians are confined in their Killil and ‘Amhara’ is the bogyman as if the grandchildren of Marshal Rodolfo Graziani are running Ethiopia all over again.

Don’t get me wrong my people, there is nothing wrong with Federalism like there is nothing wrong with Liberation from oppression as long we know foe what, who and how and as long as it is done with the free will of the people. But, it is not a secret the elites dividing our people by ethnicity, religion… are not innocent ‘liberator’ they claim to be. If you closely listen to their language you can see why they talk with both sides of their mouth. Their selective memory to demonize one Ethiopian group against the other or reduce one Ethiopian contribution to his/her country’s independence against the other,… you can see Ethiopians are dealing with another formidable foes backed up by foreign interest groups, possibly the defeated Fascist or some other force all over again.

For example, have you heard ethnic peddling elites led by TPLF talk about the damage the invading Fascist Italy caused on our people but demonize King Menilk that defeated it? Have you heard them take pride of the people that fought Fascist’s ambition to colonize their country but, how they were oppressed by their kin they refer as Amhras out of the mouth of Nazis-Fascists? Have you seen them protesting when Fascist Mussolini is glamorized in the 21st century for massacring millions of our people with poison gas and for pillaging an independent nation and her proud people while undermining their own leaders that defeated it?

Fast forward to 1990s; the United Nation Higher Commission for Refugee document titled, ‘Status of Amharas’ posted by Refugee World and published by United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services speaks volumes maintaining the Fascist narrative TPLF followed dividing Ethiopians by ethnicity via demonizing the nonexistent Amhara ethnic group.

Whoever was behind the document explain the present state of TPLF rule and the noise we have been hearing from ethnic peddling elites drumming up the divide and the sedge our people are under the Apartheid regime. If you pay close attention- nobody want to take responsibility of the document.

UNHCR put disclaimer on the document stating;

“This is not a UNHCR publication. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. Any views expressed are solely those of the author or publisher and do not necessarily reflect those of UNHCR, the United Nations or its Member States.”
World Refugee put Disclaimers stating;

“The “Refworld Disclaimers” describe UNHCR’s non-endorsement for third party materials and limit UNHCR’s liability for the content made available in such material”.

So the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services states;

“The views expressed in Resource Information Center papers do not necessarily represent official U.S. Government opinion, nor do they reflect U.S. foreign policy concerns. This paper was written on the basis of publicly available information, analyses, and comment”.

The question is; who is behind this bizarre document that created a nonexistent Amhara ethnic group in Ethiopia following the Nazi Prochazka and the Fascist Graziani of the 1930’s?

And, why would Tigray People Liberation Front go through all the trouble segregating Ethiopians by Ethnic Regions and run around like drunken sailor in every region pillaging and killing in a cover of Federalism?

That brings me to the apologist masquerading as Free Press to divert the crimes of TPLF. The question is; are they Ethiopians or lookalikes and who finance them?

If you ask me, the self-proclaimed Tigray ethnic elites that drive the Third Rape of Ethiopia are as responsible as Marshal Pietro Badoglio (Commander-in-Chief of Italian forces in East Africa) and Marshal Rodolfo Graziani (Governor-General of Italian East Africa, and Viceroy of Ethiopia) and many more during the occupation. The question is who is going to make them responsible when Ethiopians are fallen victim for ethnic peddling collaborators serving them?

Putting the elites’ ethnic dived in the grave of the messenger Melse Zenawi

Well my people, there is a time and a place for everything. My armature assessment of our modern ethnic peddling elites led by TPLF can only be described as self-mutilation based on superficial knowledge and selective amnesia to reinforce the Colonialist’s narratives of history.
Therefore, their over inflated pride that came out of self-promoting propaganda is empty and when deflated by a few words of truth it turning them into loss cannon; as we are witnessing. Trapped in their self-imposed tribal prism and corruption they see danger in unity of Ethiopians and hostility in individual freedom and democracy–insulting Ethiopians’ sensibility and intelligence.

Otherwise, what is tribalism doing in a nation of vast diversity like Ethiopia in the 21st century? Obviously, it doesn’t require a ‘Ph.D’. to figure out tribalism was imposed from external force as illustrated above. Rather, the question to ask is; what ethnic peddling collaborators and apologists are doing legitimizing TPLF tribal rule?

Closer look at the officials of the three collaborating puppet ethnic parties led by Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegen speaks for itself. Why would they collaborate with self-admitted minority ethnic party that commits heinous crime against the people of Ethiopia? The buck stops squarely on the weak collaborators that aid TPLF to commit more and more crimes for two decade. The sooner Ethiopians confront them the sooner the sorry TPLF rule ends.

Going back to our roots that defeat Fascism

What defeated Fascist Italy was the unity of Ethiopians. Likewise, what will defeat TPLF is the unity of Ethiopians again. Thus, it goes without saying, like Fascist, TPLF will do anything the Unity of Ethiopians never happens. That is why it encourages and assembles ethnic parties to feel bigger and relevant than its own empty propaganda.

Therefore, unlike our contemporary ethnic peddling elites, our traditional leaders had far superior wisdom and relevant knowledge to understand the cost of ethnic divide to reject it hands down. Because of it they were labelled Amaras by the Fascist then and by TPLF and its surrogates now and paid dearly.

The audacity of TPLF to challenge the ‘battle’ tested unity of Ethiopians that went through invasion, occupation and betrayal of collaborators of formidable enemies is disgraceful. More distasteful of all is it does it in the name of inhabitant of self-invented ethnic Tigray it confined in concentration camp called Tigray Region. Thus, the self-proclaimed Tigray elites’ historical crime on a nation and her people in the name of innocent Ethiopians confined in an open air prison called Tigray is unforgivable.

Likewise, associating Unity with the non-existent Amhara ethnic group is hideout to cover up using the inhabitant of “Tigray” as weapon of mass division and the region as a platform in the Third Rape of Ethiopia. It is clear, from educating the youth of Ethiopia in the name of Tigray to run TPLF’s Apartheid system all the way using ‘Amhara’ as punching bag to conceal a well-coordinated attack against Ethiopians’ unity is the third attempt to erase Ethiopia by turning us against each other.

Therefore, the formations of TPLF from the get go has nothing to do with liberation but, incrimination of Ethiopians in the invented ’Tigray Region’ to Rape Ethiopia again. It should not surprise anyone if the finger prints of the same enemies of Ethiopia, including the reminiscent of Fascist’s are found.

By now every Ethiopians understand the true nature of TPLF is to advance the Rape of Ethiopia. Therefore, expect more noises of ethnic, religion, gender… divide along ‘the terrorist…are coming’ propaganda to intensify by the usual suspects.

In the last hour, TPLF regime is banking on fanning more of the Oromo-Amahra and Christian-Muslim divide to sustain its rule and corruption and searching for more external enemies to divert attention — as we are witnessing on its operatives’ run ‘Medias. But, the muddy waters will clear up and most Ethiopians will come together in unity to put down the regime and bring about the lasting change we all yearn for. Simultaneously, the villains currently in power have no choice but to surrender for the will of the people. If they refuse to do so; as it appears, the outcomes can turn ugly and it is the sole responsibilities of the individuals in power that hide behind ethnic killil. Some might slip out to the west or east with the stolen money, wealth and treasure as they already are doing and will remain fugitives from justice until they get captured. Others will attempt to preserve the regime by technicality with foreign enablers; as we are observing the development crowd running their mouth as an excuse to preserve TPLF ethnic tyranny. The most important thing Ethiopians can do is unite and dismantle the institution of ethnic tyranny one by one including the concentration camp called Killil once and for all. And, the one thing Ethiopians shouldn’t do is bargaining with the ‘devil’ as an ethnic group.

Ethiopians once again will prove we are the master of our own destiny under all odds. What are missing are leaders in the calibre of our forefathers that appreciate our unity that sustained us for 1000s of years.

Therefore, the worst nightmare for Fascism then and TPLF now is Unity of Ethiopians. If the Nazi-Fascist’s invented Amhara ethnic groupmeans Unity, then we all are all Amharas. If TPLF invented Tigre ethnic group means division none of us are Tigre. If TPLF invented Muslim terrorist means division we are all Muslims. If TPLF invented Oromo terrorist means division we are all Oromos so on and on. That is what the essence of Ethiopiawinet is all about unlike the dividers wanted us to believe.

Those that want to make a victim-victimizer Ethiopians are peddling Fascist-TPLF led ethnic division. Those peddling any other ethnicity or religion among Ethiopians are not far behind in doing the bidding of TPLF. Taking TPLF’s elites’ self-proclaimed Tigre-Amhara-Oromo-Muslims… divide seriously is falling on the trap of TPLF. Berket Simon masquerading as Amhara proved us Woyane has no ethnicity, religion, region nor Ethiopawinet in its blood by its actions and inaction but using the divide as a hiding place to do Ethiopians.

Likewise, our contemporary elites’ lack of unity and resolve in the face of TPLF crime is reckless and dangerous if not an insult to our traditional leaders long forgotten by PHDs to nowhere. There is no whatsoever excuses not to stand up together to demand transparency and the surrender of TPLF led ethnic tyranny. Peddling for petty political interest under historical suffering of our people is a crime on its own.
If our traditional leaders can unite and defend our people and country from the much bigger formidable world powers for millenniums, how is it our contemporary leaders with all the credential they wave at us can’t unite to defend our people from second rated and corrupt self-declared ethnic Apartheid tyranny with identity crises? Worst yet, how is it they let it get away to make up our identity and history written by those that don’t want us to have identity or glories history we earned?

The only things Ethiopians are victim are tyranny and the divide and conquer of what Fascist started and TPLF followed in the Rape of Ethiopia. Anyone that tells you, you are ethnic victim is depriving you, your glories history and has something in store for you. Caution must also be taken on other hyenas waiting on the side-line from taking advantage of the chaos Woyane created (ግርግር ለሌባ ያመቻል)

Finally, if it gives any comfort for the self-proclaimed TPLF ethnic elites that claim to belong in the so called Tigre ethnic group in ‘Tigray Region’ TPLF invented, they should remember they are noting but, drummers of the Fascist narrative in exchange for the open perk provided for them to feel good about their false identity and TPLF’s crimes against Ethiopians. Covering it up by ‘photo-shopping’ your way out of your responsibility only prove you are willing collaborators of the crime against Ethiopians, particularly the people you held hostage in an open prison you call Tigray Region.

I rest my case

The article is dedicated to our forefathers fallen for their people and country during Fascist occupation that are reduced as tribal victims and victimizers by TPLF led tribalism — pushing Fascist’s propaganda. Your glories leadership that was the envy of the world is marginalized by modern tribal elites pushing the invaders’ narratives. The elite of the new generation betrayal of your sacrifices is unforgivable historical Teshome Debalke

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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