The circus of a Staged Press Conference of a bogus Prime Minster of Ethiopia

February 22, 2014

There is no glory conspiring with tyranny to be an accessory to crimes against The People. Therefore, if we as Ethiopians claim to love our people and country deserves democracy and freedom from rotten structure and foundation of tyranny look nowhere for an answer but in each one of us. Being an instrument of tyranny is worse than tyranny itself. 

There is no lookalike democracy or freedom as the rogue regime’s apologist who want us to believe the existence of the rule of law for all by a government of the people. If anyone tells you otherwise you are a sucker being used as Weapon-of-Mass-Destruction on your own people.  Ask not what is in it for me but ask what it is in for my people. For ‘me’ can make you a butler of  tyranny or the choice for your people will set you free.

by Teshome Demalke February 18, 2014

No one knows why dictators believe their own lies. They aren’t that stupid to believe the public will buy their lies. It could be The latest circus of the staged Press Conference in Addis Abababecause the people surrounding them tell them they are the best thing …ever lived or fear them to say what they want to hear. Obviously, those milking the public have good reason to tell them anything to suck on the cash cow.

No one also knows why pseudo journalist-reporters lie to themselves either. They aren’t that stupid to believe the public buy their lies either. It must be because they are catering to audiences that want to hear whatever they do is legitimate enough to keep sucking more of the cash cow.

The marriage of convenience between tyranny and the pseudo journalist-Media is a perfect environment for deceptions, atrocities and corruptions. Time-and-time again tyranny cohabit willingly corruptible individuals to setup lookalike professional institutions purely to legitimize its misrule and corruption.

The latest circus of the staged Press Conference between the bogus Prime Minster and a collection of handpicked pseudo reporters-journalist was to calm down the public that is ready to say enough of ethnic tyranny. To many surprise the bogus PM publicly confesses he isn’t the one in charge of the government but a collection of shadowy group he refer as ‘my party’. Striped of his power except to show up on TV to read the script he confirmed the public’s suspension the Constitution the regime flaunt is a sham concocted by the rogue group.

The figurehead PM didn’t say who the ‘collective’ leaders may be but hinted the ghost of late Prime Minister or as he referred him ‘The Great Leader’ is among them. He said ‘If my party asked me I will serve as a shoeshine boy or district administrator I will do so’. He didn’t even have the basic decency to refrain comparing his sorry gang with the US Administration that pays most of his salary.

More troubling was the half-a-dozen clowns posed as journalist-reporters asking preapproved questions in the mock Press Conference to fool the public.  Listening to their queries designed to cover up the chaos in the rogue group says more to the sorry State of Media in Ethiopia under TPLF’s operatives.

Some of the ‘reporters’ questions were so lame it sound elementary class exchange. A few were targeting the Diaspora community that is increasingly worrying the rogue group. Others were attempting to calm down the population from rising up to uproot their favorite regime. At least one targeted the local business community that is fleeing as fast as they can dissolve their stolen assets. In all, none seems to be concerned to the public but to extend the life of the rogue regime.

Another interesting development in the circus Press Conference was none of the ‘reporters’ identified themselves and the outfit they represent with the exception of the lone ranger-reporter Beniyam Kebde of Ethiopia First. The Canadian citizen runs a propaganda/tabloid website primarily to undermine the oppositions in Diaspora on behalf of the rogue regime.

Though no one knows when and how the lone ranger-reporter of EthiopiaFirst arrived in Addis Ababa for the mock Press Conference, his shuttling back-and-forth across the world to fend for the regime is the only known job he had in the last two decades. Yet, after 23 years of his favorite ‘Developmental’ regime in charge he still talks about carrying container in search of water for his vacation dwelling in the Capital city. Noting seems to sway him to abandon the rogue regime for the obvious reason. But, one of his questions unintentionally reveled more than what he wanted to plug-in to covey the regime is legitimately elected party by asking the bogus PM; ‘are you not concerned your party could be punished in the next election like it happened in 1997?’ All we can say about the sorry ‘journalist’ is; how is it someone that lived most of his adult life in the Free World (Canada) couldn’t learn the basics working of democracy and journalism ethics nor have little decency to be vacant insulting the people’s intelligence? It speaks volumes what our people up against with our dysfunctional contemporary elites.

On separate development, the hijacking of the Ethiopian Airline flight to Rome by the young and brave Co-Pilot got lots of international Media coverage–reporting political repression motivated the hijacker. The Pilot’s radio communication with the ground crew in Geneva Airport where he diverted the plane also conformed he was seeking asylum from the government of Ethiopia. But yet, beyond the usual contradicting statement coming out of the ruling regime of Ethiopia an Associated Press’s report titled “Hailemedhin Abera: Ethiopia Pilot Was Distraught Over Death in Family” came out of nowhere questioning the mental status of the Pilot..

Elias Meseret Correspondence of Associated PressThe writer of the report, Elias Meseret (pictured), an Ethiopian national is identified as the Residence Correspondence of Associated Press in Addis Ababa, and a graduate of Mekelle University in LLB Degree in Law and General Law study in 2007, according to his LinkedIn profile. In the heat the reporter the AP correspondent looking for the motive of the hijacker found the death of his uncle a reason to hijack an Airline.    But, what he failed in his professional duty was searching for an answer from top down—starting from the management of the Airline and the working condition of the crews that forced many more pilots and ground crew to flee the country seeking asylum or to work elsewhere.  Nor, he cared less to let the public know why the government owned Airline that generate millions of dollars foreign exchange to the country  fail under the control of Tigrian People Liberation Front (TPLF), the dominate party in the ruling collation government.

There is no explanation how the world known Press Agency managed to hire a Correspondent with little or no education and experience in journalism.

Moreover, some Ethiopian ‘Media’, including Tadia Magazine and EthioMedia went along to feature the unsubstantiated report of Mesert over half dozen creditable international Media’s reports that originated on the plane and on ground in Geneva.

Likewise, Social Medias that are scrambling to undermine the Co-pilot in the aftermath of the hijacking are coming from usual places.  From all possibilities of the pilots’ decisions to take such bold move, the so called Medias that undermine the Pilot reinforce the propaganda machines are determined to sustain rogue group’s rule by all means necessary.

Here, it important to remind all apologists of the regime masquerading as journalist-reporters, businesspeople, experts of one thing or another; boogying with or around ethnic tyranny for whatever reason is the one and only thing that kept the predator regime alive on the expenses of the people.  It is also important to remind every journalist-Medias’ water down report or propaganda against public interest will have consequences in the future.

Tamerat W/Giorgis, (pictured), the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Business Weekly Addis Fortune. Coming back to main topic, with all preparation of the mock Press Conference, it didn’t help the sorry PM to dodge the main question. He was as confused as ever so the reports that weren’t allowed to ask follow-up questions.  The reporter that ask the question-of-all-questions; ‘who is in charge of the government?’ in the English language what appears to targete the diaspora audience was identified as Tamerat W/Giorgis, (pictured), the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Business Weekly Addis Fortune. He is also a contributor of on Dehai Eritrea, according Zoom Info.

Surprisingly no additional information is found on the cyberspace including the Social Media on such public person as the owner and Chief Editor of the largest Businesses Weekly in Ethiopia.

As expected ‘Addis Fortune’s ‘editor’ that exposed the conspiracy of the regime by asking the right question didn’t say a word about the confession of the bogus PM on his own ‘Media’. Nor he asked who is in charge of the economy, the Media, the Military …? So much for  the ‘largest Business Weekly’ in the nation.

The public reaction to the mock Press Conference was —‘here we go again’. But, an  individual by the name MeKonnen H. Birru, (PhD) that appeared to have too much faith in the sorry PM and the establishment summed up his disgust in an article titled  PM Hailemariam: A Cocktail of Arrogance, Ignorance, and Incompetence’. He said;

Mr. Hailemariam is a highly educated man. He has a graduate degree in sanitation engineering. He was President of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNPR) for five years; then served as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia for almost two years. More than that, many claim and witness, including Mr. Hailemariam, that the man is a devout Christian with uncorrupt and respectful solid Christian background. So, how such a strong, educated, dedicated, uncorrupt, and ethical personality becomes full of lies or mistakes? Some say he is a strong Christian with weakness in telling the truth. Is there such personality? If so, can we categorize him as a person with multiple personality? One  who plays tricky political games, entertain lies, enjoy purposeful mistakes, and disregard the truth while another of him regrets, confesses, cries, talks smooth, and believes Christ?….”

What isn’t clear was how the author’s high expectation on the integrity of the election process that brought the bogus PM came about when he said;

“The people of Ethiopia elected the house of representative and the house elected you…. We already know that you are not in control but at least you could have said it differently and act like better; however, you couldn’t do it because you are too ignorant to figure out that.  Let me give you a simple example since you may find this concept hard to understand…. Ato Girma, the one who always sit on your far left, is elected by his constituent to serve as a member of parliament. No one, not any committee, but his constituents have the right to take him out…either to make him a local leader or unemployed. That is unequivocally true! But this democratic truth doesn’t work in your case according to your own statement. Don’t you respect your constituent when you say ‘my party can send me anywhere to serve…?’ If you know, your bosses are not those unknown committee members (TPLF?) but the people that elected you…your people!.”

Whatever faith the author has about election and House of Representation of the rogue regime is hard to comprehend but, he seems to loss the forest for the tree. The truth is, there is no Constitution, election, representation…but a hoax of TPLF as the bogus PM confessed in public. Why make something out of noting of the seating duck House of Representatives is another twist infecting our contemporaries elites from addressing the fundamental problem of representation.

Why is it so hard to face the facts the collections of clowns TPLF assembled as officials, representatives or front institution it setup are worthless?.

If truth must be told; as it always should, the worst enemies of the people of Ethiopia are those that cover-up for the Ethnic Apartheid Regime. Thus, if telling the truth is a crime in the eye of the rogue regime’s warlords, stooges and apologist we are all guilty as charged–as many of the innocent Ethiopians in jails and the rest of Ethiopians are paying the ultimate price of tyranny.

Like it or not, the fight between the people of Ethiopia and the ethnic Apartheid regime and its apologist will go on until TPLF/Woyane tyranny is uprooted for good. What are in the way are the clowns dressed up as journalist, civic and business organization…that cover-up the crimes of the regime.

I don’t know about you my people, but if you are over 18 years old ‘adult’ and claim to be sane enough to cover up for the Apartheid regime you are as guilty as the warlords of the regime. ‘I didn’t know’ isn’t acceptable under any law, nor will it be sufficient defense to escape from your responsibility.

All Ethiopians must also abandon the why… questions that is already answered many times over and ask the what questions that would end tyranny for good. Dwelling on the why question is consuming too much time and resources and became an excuse not to go the next step of uprooting tyranny.

Civic organizations, advocacy group and Media institutions must not forget their role of keeping track of all transgressions against the people of Ethiopia starting with 100s of TPLF/Woyane’s top conspirators within the power structure.  They need to record their conspiracy and the whereabouts of their possession to expose the details that have been under the shadow for over two decades.  These details are crucial for the immediate present and following the collapse of the regime that is inevitable.  Others that conspire against the people in the name of one thing or another must be accountable for their action and inaction starting from political parties, civic societies and Medias.

Special attention must be given to the dozen of individuals that run pseudo Medias to divert the public attention and cover-up the crimes of the rogue regime starting with Medias present at the mock Press Conference. After all, what good a staged Press Conference do besides diversion and insulting the public intelligence?

My fellow Ethiopians, like every tyranny the current regime’s top brass are flashing and flicking looking for a contingency to find a soft landing for the days when they are away from the decaying structure preparing to run away in mass.  Ethiopians Collectively Need to Make Sure They Do Not Have a Hiding Place.  The record keeping and exposes are critical and crucial to make sure the top brasses find their day in a legitimate court system better in our Ethiopia but anywhere else in the World.  Time is UP!!

There is no glory conspiring with tyranny to be an accessory to crimes against The People. Therefore, if we as Ethiopians claim to love our people and country deserve democracy and freedom from rotten structure and foundation of tyranny look nowhere for an answer but in each one of us. Being an instrument of tyranny is worse than tyranny itself.

There is no lookalike democracy or freedom as the rogue regime’s apologist wanted us to believe but, the presence of the rule of law for all by a government of the people. If anyone tells you otherwise and believe it you are a sucker being used as Weapon-of-Mass-Destruction on your own people.  Ask not what is in it for me but ask what it is in for my people. For ‘me’ can make you a butler of tyranny or the choice for your people will set you free.

The article is dedicated to Ethiopian journalists that suffer in jail and in exile because they said what is in it for my people while their colleague choose to sell the profession for ethnic tyranny

posted by Daniel tesfaye

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