The Revolutionary Democracy of TPLF REGIME: When the bullshit hit the fan… what do you do?

February 5, 2014

The Revolutionary Democracy of TPLF REGIME: When the bullshit hit the fan… what do you do?

by Teshome Debalke   

The BS of Colonial map under Administrative subdivision of Italian

The BS of Colonial map under Administrative subdivision of Italian East Africa and TPLF/Woyane Federal Regional map: Does it mean Eritrea territory extend beyond Badme and Afar to include TPLF’s Tigray Region? If not, why not? How it is invaders decide the fate of independent people and nation that defeated colonial ambition to occupy, divide and rule our people?

The ruling TPLF led regime of Ethiopia’s stooges amazingly aren’t running out of bullshit every turn and  are increasingly getting nastier–coming up with more bizarre BS. It appears they are to the point of no return where the hard core operatives are in a do-or-die position to save the regime. Buried under rubble of BS for far too long they are throwing mud allover to see if it sticks. It isn’t unusual for any group that started with BS to live under piles of it not to see straight to go back or forward. Welcome to the Revolutionary Democracy of Ethnic Federal Apartheid regime of TPLF/Woyane of Ethiopia.

Take for instance the regime’s BS guru Berket Simon. Recently he was uttering the preconditions of transition from the Revolutionary Democracy to Democratic Development State. Frankly, the former mouthpiece of  TPLF led EPRDF regime has no idea what it means–except it is his duty to BS people; thanks to the legendry late Prime Minster Meles Zenawi that masterminded the hoax. Unfortunately, the entire TPLF/Woyane regime is operating on auto-pilot on the ‘legacy’ of the late PM’s BS. We can’t help but admire how he managed to convince thousands of stooges to turn his loaded BS into good legacy worth a Foundation.

As expected, Berket Simon is back spewing the same toxic BS after his extended rehabilitation from exhaustive career of lying. One expects him to learn something better; instead, the infamous former Ethiopian Government Mis-Communication Minster and present babysitter of in-name-only Prime Minster came back as bad if not worse than before.  This time around, he added a new skill of vulgarity. Not that he was known for his good character for decency or to have the manner of Ethiopians he hates to love but, his public BS of two decades admittedly turned out to be real BS and left semi-permanent skid mark.

Here is the real and improved Berket Simon talking in his own words insulting Ethiopians

“የኢትዮጵያ አርሶ አደር እስካሁን በተደረገለት ሥራ በሚገባ የረካ ስለሆነ ‹መንግሥት ሰልፍ ውጣ ቢለው ይወጣል፤ መንግሥት ተኛ ቢለው ይተኛል፤ ግፍ ብንፈጽም እንኳን አርሶ አደሩ ይህንን መንግሥት ይሸከመዋል እንጂ ምንም አይለውም፡፡”

Now my people, be the judge, could a Minster in the Ethnic Federalism of the Revolutionary Democracy of Ethiopia with no ethnic identity of his own have the capacity to rationalize and the crimes of the regime he serves?  You can see what our people are subjected to live under the BS of TPLF led regime.

The saddest things of all is when the collection of stooges and apologist of the regime masquerading as officials, parliamentarian, judges, security personnel, journalist, educators, businessmen, cadres … are mute; scared to their pants to confront the BS of the regime. In reality, Berket was referring to them–sleeping, tap-dancing, and jumping high when the regime tell them to do so.  Again, welcome to the BS Ethnic Federal Revolutionary Democracy regime surrounded by collection of zombies parroting its stench.

As the saying goes, boys will always be boys, so the ethnic jungle boys of TPLF/Woyane.  It seems the regime exercise of futility is running its course and no one knows what to do with it but hide it under piles of more toxic BS. In fact, it is getting beyond recognition even the guru Berket Simon couldn’t contain it anymore. Instead more BSs are thrown at us to sustain a dead-ethnic regime; I might add a self-inflected death. Naturally, Berket is the ideal candidate with extensive experience of spinning and spilling toxic starting with his own fluid character and unknown ethnic identity.

The ‘Ethio-Eritrean’ national supposedly voted in the 1993 Eritrean Referendum for independence (freedom or slavery) and must have voted for ‘slavery’ to remain Ethiopian. Accordingly, the record breaking 99.98% vote for independence left Berket behind in the Federal Nations and Nationality of Ethiopia with no Nation or Nationality to claim. But again, he was given an important Ministerial position, not bad for someone with no ethnic ‘Nation’ to call his own in the BS Ethnic Federalism of the Revolutionary Democracy of TPLF/Woyane he serves or as Berket himself defend it, ‘ the Constitution of Nation and Nationalities’ of Ethiopia. As funny as it sounds coming from a man with no ethnic identity or Region it is another BS concocted by Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

But again, Berket was fostered (implanted) in the Amahra Region. No one knows why he picked the ‘Amahra’ Region to become a State Minster ‘representing’ people he doesn’t belong in violation of the BS Nations and Nationality Constitution.   One should also wonder what his TPLF issued ID would say about his ethnicity as required by TPLF led regime that setup the Apartheid system for the rest of Ethiopians.  Endangered species?  Lost tribe of the former territory?  Unidentified ethnic origin? Whatever it is the regime’s BS extends deeper than what the world is led to believe.

Don’t get me wrong my people or as TPLF/Woyane want me to refer you my Ethnic Nations and Nationalities of peoples.  It is all good and dandy to be proud of our ethnic heritages and the whole enchilada but, what does it has to do with the BS TPLF/Woyane and its hired hands with ever changing identity and BS? Haven’t we been there before with multiple invaders throughout our history?

For over four decades we have been living under pile of BS in-and-on both side of the Mereb River.  If you ask for my opinion, it is for one reason only; to destroy our glories history as proud and independent people in order to reduce us into collection of tribes under the mercy of foreigners as invaders always wanted us to be. Who is better qualified to do just that but TPLF/Woyane?  But again, what do I know when our learned men and women go along with the BS of TPLF/Woyane to believe Apartheid is Revolutionary Democracy and robbing the people and the nation is Growth and Transformation?

What can I say except BS has no nationality, ethnicity, region or religion, for that matter boundaries or qualification as we are witnessing our peoples suffur in the hands of Woyane and its stooges with questionable identity while most of us watching in silence. And, no one is a living example of the toxicity of TPLF/Woyane ethnic BS than Berket Simon himself.

You see my people; we live under a poisonous regime with endless smut coming our way.  If you think this regime is worthy of anything you must be a born sucker or a hyena roaming the street in the shadow of the darkness preying on our people. Don’t think you are anything but… and don’t for a second believe you can get away with it.

The venom of TPLF/Woyane is plenty to cover here except to say Berket is the prime example of it.  You can imagine what piles of TPLF’s toxic BS did to the hyenas and zombies of the regime all these years. It goes without saying, the entire stooges and apologist of the regime are buried under debris of BS to see and think straight.

What can Ethiopians should make of the BS coming from all directions?

The first thing that comes in mind is when the stateless Berket Simon with unidentified ethnicity accuses Ethiopians for violating the Ethnic Federal Constitutional order; loosely translated TPLF/Woyane’s BS. It is where the problem began and must end.

Thus, we can easily understand the pain and suffering the stooges and the apologist of TPLF/Woyane go through. After all, the fact they aren’t capable of understanding the regime’s BS to become accessories to its heinous crimes should tell us a lot. Call them ignorant, corrupt, or treacherous their behavior of no see, hear…evil is where the problem began and must end.

Surprisingly, the stooges and apologist of regime aren’t the only one around living under rubble of BS. Average Ethiopians–peddling one thing or another against their best judgment come up with all kinds of bizarre behavior that empowered the rotten regime further.

Take for example the selective memory reflected on an article titled ‘A bad day for a career diplomat’ written by Amare Lucas– spinning facts and fictions out of proportion. The fellow piled up more of TPLF’s BS via lambasting David Shinn, the former US Ambassador to Ethiopia known for his own BS.

Amare opened his article rightly defending the people of ‘Tigray’ from being insulted by semi-retired Diplomat. But he didn’t hesitate to insinuate TPLF is the defender of Ethiopian’s interest from Eritrea.  Then, for whatever reason, he went on breaking down the ethnicity of the Eritrean President and most of his trusted aids by the percentage of their Tigrian bloodline.  He said;

“Mr. Ambassador, despite the unnecessary war of 1998 initiated by non-other than Isayas, and notwithstanding the emergence of an Eritrean state, those two Tigrigna speaking people are very much blood related. Do I need to prove that? For starters, Isayas is 75% from Tigryan parents, if not 100%. Most of his trusted aides and advisors are from 100 % Tigryan parents, and some are 50%. In case of Ethiopia, the late PM, Meles is 50% Eritrean. In his recent trip to the US, Sebhat Nega, one of the founders of the TPLF and its first chairman, (I suspect you two have probably met) had an interview with a radio-host in Washington, DC. Answering a question to the host, Sebhat unequivocally declared that he in fact has an Eritrean blood”

It wasn’t clear why he wanted to make Eritrean leaders share the same blood with their counterparts in Ethiopia. What different would it make what bloodline of people that live in different country with Ethnic Federalism as TPLF ruled Ethiopia?

Then, he went on fantasy expedition of the history and geography of Tigray…

“Well, Mr. Ambassador, you and I need a brief question-and-answer session. How much have you read as opposed to being told about Tigray? Have you been to Aksum, Yeha, Gerealta, and other parts of Tigray? Have you ever read about the genius Aksumite, St. Yared? Our session won’t end today. So, let me make it short. Looking at the monuments, underground palaces of King Kaleb, Gebremeskel, Ezana, Queen Sheba, the rock-cut churches all over Tigray—-Would someone in his right mind dare to say what you said about the Tigryans? Mr. Ambassador, Christianity and Islam got their footing in Tigray. The Ethiopian alphabet, literature, music, art, governance, and the first money in coins were all introduced in the then capital of Ethiopia, Aksum, which happens to be in Tigray. Simply put, Tigray is the beginning of Ethiopia and its civilization. Sir, I can present a long list of the many wonders and miraculous architects like Fasil in Gonder, the unparalleled rock-cut church of Lalibela in Wollo, and many more Ethiopian prides and early civilization testaments. But you chose to disparage the Tigryans and my focus for now will be Tigray.”

The sorry fellow went all over the map and trampled on historical facts and timeline to educate us about Tigray via the ‘ignorant’ Ambassador without reviling his credential and the historical facts of his assertions or his ethnic identity he made the central point of the article.

For instance, the inhabitant of the Axumite Empire and the Kings/Queens and nobilities and Ethiopia herself came through Tigray via Axumite Empire.

The Axumite Empire that extends to present day Yemen and Sudan is reduced to none existence Tigray Province or Region.  Never mind there was no place called Tigray, Eritrea, Somali, Sudan, Kenya or Djibouti Assab, or Badem or a language called Tigrigna or Amharic during the Axumite Empire. Forget the fact Christianity and Islam came to Ethiopia way before a place called Tigray or the people called Tigrians.  Even if they did so where is written or stated one human being is superior than the other, we all do not chose our parents and place of birth at the time of coming to this world?

The same kind of BS the late Banda Melse Zenawi use to tell us when he reduced Ethiopia as a collection of tribes created 100 years ago by the legendary King Menlik II came back in rather different spin.

Is the author piling up more BS on the top of TPLF’s to make us believe the new Ethiopia under TPLF/Woyane is reduced between the then none existence Tigray via Axumite Empire and the present Tigray of TPLF led Ethnic Federalism? As our people say ‘አላዋቂ ሳሚ ንፍጥ ይለቀልቃል’

Indecently, the author conveniently never mentioned the ruling regime TPLF that reduced Ethiopia as 100 year old nor he care to mention the illegitimacy of TPLF/Woyane as he lambasted Eritrea ruled by Isyayas.  What is up with not telling us the whole truth but noting but the truth?

By the way, why would EthioMedia deprived us the background, the identity and the credential of the Amare Lucas so that he can be challenge to tell the whole truth but noting but the truth?   No answer but more questions.

When Tigray/Axumite Empire defender Amare Lucas wasn’t enough BS the Eritrea defender Amanuel Biedemariam came up with his own BS article titled  TPLF: The Dog That Can no longer Bark and went on his own fantasy to fit Eritrea represented by EPLF/Shabiya verses Ethiopia represented by TPLF/Woyane; lambasting the ‘Eritrean’ national Ethiopian Berket Simon as if he is speaking on behalf of Ethiopia representing TPLF. He said,

“The key question, why did Bereket Simon come-out now and made these absurd statements? Moreover, why now, when many particularly the US, for the first time in over 15 years is talking peace did Bereket Simon roll-out this war agenda? The questions are endless.

The answer to all these questions are found on a statement one astute Eritrean political figure made a while back. When asked to respond about outrageous repeated statements by the TPLF against Eritrea, he answered, “When a dog barks uncontrollably disturbing peace, the best option is to talk to the owners of the dog.”

There are three key reasons why Bereket Simon decided to come out and declared the continuation of the hostilities…”

Here again the author conveniently ignored the identity and background of Berket Simon and the illegitimacy of TPLF/Woyane. Nor he cared to mention Berket isn’t TPLF member (at least not officially) and didn’t bother to mention his Eritrean background that voted to remain Ethiopian by adapting Amahra identity.

Thus, the affair of the people of the old ‘Ethiopia’ and new ‘Eritrea’ is reduced  into TPLF/Woyane and EPLF/Shbiya’s love and hate with each wanting to fit their fantasy into historical reality  on the expenses of the people of the divided line.

Let’s put the BS and selective memory of historical facts on all sides in perspective for a change.  It is important not to make up history, facts and timeline to fit the village and tribal fantasy to hold on to power illegitimately and indefinitely. It is an old trick used and abused by dictators and their intellectual prostitutes for far too long and must end.

For example, the ruling TPLF regime is as illegitimate as the Italian regime that occupied Ethiopia for five long years. Any way you shake it or bake it TPLF/Woyane can’t speak on behalf of the people of Ethiopia period. Instead of looking for excuses to prolong its rule by technicality and scapegoating the sooner we accept that reality the better. No matter what kind of BS people come up with nothing will change that reality. Likewise, the ruling regime of Eritrea legitimacy is the problem of Eritreans to sort out when they accepted the 99.98% vote for independence.

Negotiating with TPLF/Woyane isn’t going to help Eritrea/Shabiya come to the reality sooner but widen the conflicts and the misery of our peoples.  The love or hate between TPLF/Woyane and EPLF/Shabiya isn’t the fight between Ethiopians and Eritreans.

Therefore, my advice to BS handlers of TPLF/Woyane or others is simple. Just because the TPLF regime cooked up Ethnic Federalism to say the people of Ethiopia are collections of ethnic groups to deprive us our glories history as the mosaic of relative tranquility and free people with organic justice beyond the capacity of modern-day ethnic peddlers and hyenas to understand doesn’t mean we gave up on our people and country.

Likewise, EPLF/Shbiya or others would be better off to stop the BS and scapegoating and face reality in that; independence from phantom enemy alone isn’t a solution but freedom and democracy.

Therefore, the only choice for all involved is to cut the BS and surrender for the truth and democratic rule. No one should get away with the BS against any people. We will all be better off to accept the fact that’ there is no good dictatorship but a dead one’. It should remind us no nation and its people saw the daylight ruled by the jungle rule.

My advice to my people is, don’t be suckers for modern day dictators, robbers and mercenaries. Our very existence as Ethiopian people depends on our coming together to rid of the scourge off our back.  Anyone that tells you aren’t Ethiopian first but a tribe, a religious sect or an economic class… and promise you milk and honey is setting you up to strip off your dignity and identity as Ethiopians to  prepare you for modern day slavery or as a Weapon-of-Mass-Distraction and exploitation on your own fellow Ethiopians and your country for the benefit of a solid dictatorship as TPLF/Woyane is doing as we speak. Say No to the BS.

The one-and-only demand from one-and-all Ethiopians is the current regime must surrender for the rule of law and democracy regardless of any BS coming from anyone and anyplace and for any reason.

Ethiopia and Ethiopians will live-on and there is nothing anyone can do about the gathering Ethiopianism feeling and force that is paving our nation’s future.

Be ready for the collapse, keep your notes close the time is near where justice will prevail.

People of Ethiopia, Unite, Upraise and Uproot the current system once and for all and protect your people and country.

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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