The professional hyenas and the Ethiopian Jungle economy: what is all the fuss about?

January 22, 2014

የአይጥ  ምስክር  ድንቢጥ?

by Teshome Debalke

Ever since the ruling Regime of Ethiopia came to power it has been confusing the hell-out the world what policy it follows.  It combined the left and the right and Western and Eastern with touch of Ethnic Federalism and Mafioso type jungle economy and managed to stay alive robing the nation blind.  In a matter of a decade, the ragtag guerilla group known as Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) ruling Ethiopia admittedly controlled the mainstay of the economy and bragging double digit growth on the way to offshore banks.Ever since the ruling Regime of Ethiopia came to power it has been confusing the hell-out the world what policy it follows.

Don’t get me wrong, any economy will grow when you pump billions of dollars of public money, foreign aid and loan, remittance, and investment. The question is by how much, for whose benefit and expense? That is where the professional hyenas come-in to put their skills at work to legitimize the jungle economy and TPLF’s robbery. Unfortunately, they only appear on ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ Medias controlled by the regime or operated by the professional hyenas themselves.

More fascinating is the duplicity of the professional hyenas in-and-around the Regime double-talking to cover-up the racketeering TPLF is running. For sure, it doesn’t require much knowledge to figure out the jungle economy from real one.  But yet, the modern-day hyenas kept putting out falsehood to tell the world it is the best thing since the slice of bread.

Now, stupidity has no virtue and criminality has no honor, then, why is it the professional hyenas insulting the people of Ethiopia?

There are two possibilities ‘professionals’ in general put their repetition online to vow the jungle economy and TPLF’s robbery is legitimate.  They either have self-interest on the outcome on the expenses of the people or they are ‘functionally illiterate’ to understand how an economy works.

The fact the ruling party is ransacking the public resource to itself and cronies at will is enough to prove the economy is jungle economy–nothing more than a pawn shop owned and operated by TPLF.  But yet, the professional hyenas conspire to claim there is a functioning government posed as Federal, Revolutionary Democracy or Developmental Democracy… that is managing a ‘growing and transforming’ economy in their cut-and-paste exercise of the make-believe world they created to cover up a racketeering ring.

To add to the insult, they mask the fact public institutions are full of mindless cadres– rubberstamping the regime’s misinformation and order while private and civic institutions are taken hostage by TPLF’s hit men posed as government officials, security personnel, investors …

For instance, the institutions of higher education are filled with incompetent cadres masquerading as professors, lecturers and researchers– recycling the regime data and generating falsified papers to validate the regimes cooked numbers. Instead of nurturing and cultivating the mind of the youth to produce problem solvers and entrepreneurs Higher Education Institutions turned into recruitment centers for ethnic cadres and Diploma factory to dispense fake credential to justify filling public institutions with idiotic cadres. Indecently, the top dogs of the regime are all over the cyberspace to acquire credential online as quickly they can print them to join the jungle economy…

Likewise, the institutions of Media that are entrusted to inform and protect the public interest fallen on the hand TPLF cadres–parroting the regime’s propaganda to legitimize the jungle economy…to feed the population falsehood, unverifiable blather and diversion.

Pick one or another Media out of the pack you will find professional hyenas pushing baseless propaganda–sugarcoated the jungle economy to entice the gullible to dole in more money while diverting the public attention from the regime’s corruption and atrocities.

Take Addis Fortune , the most quoted business weekly on the international media as an example. The fact it calls itself ‘the largest English weekly in Ethiopia’ circulating few thousands papers in a nation of 90 million not only says it isn’t a Media as it claims but it is in the business of insulting the public’s intelligence. In reality, it’s only job description is to legitimize TPLF led EPDRF government’s jungle economy for the foreign community and the Diaspora–recycling propaganda from the source.

How a legitimate business Media could ignores TPLF’s unprecedented corruption and extortion of the public and private sector and claim it is the largest English Business Weekly? It speaks volumes how far the professional hyenas are willing to be accessories to the crimes of the regime against the people of Ethiopia.

Institution of commerce and trade are also taken hostage by professional hyenas of the regime– forced to swear the propaganda as kosher.   Take for instance Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce or Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce.  Not a word of TPLF led regime’s crime against the private sector or its racketeering business ever mentioned by both the Chambers that supposedly protect the integrity of the market and the interest of their members from the policy of the ‘regime’ that run the largest business cartel in the nation.

It is abundantly clear by now the economic, as well as the social and political crises of Ethiopia began and will end when the professional hyenas that validate the jungle economy, the jungle justice, the jungle politics … ‘Face the Nation’ and pay for their conspiracy to commit crimes. As the accessories of the biggest heist in the history of the nation they surly are counting their days waiting to face real justice. Unfortunately, they still are roaming the street and appearing on Media talking absolute rubbish.

Donor Group and International Development Agencies weren’t spared from the professional hyenas’ diversion. Closer examination reviles the professional hyenas are well situated in key positions to distract the international community from finding out the reality.

For instant The UK Department for International Development Press Release titled – ‘Ethiopia: Economic Development – The Good News From Ethiopia, and What Might Make It Even Better’ sums up the narrative the crime of the regime presented as a good news, thanks to the extraordinary effort of the professional hyenas.

To make matter worst, the British government agency doesn’t even acknowledge the presence of unprecedented crime of corruption of the ruling party. Nor the Agency cared less when UK laws on corruption are violated while it is funding and praising the regime that runs shadow private corporations within its jurisdiction. And yet, the same Agency expects ‘committed, credible and capable’ government and ‘policymaking that is driven by evidence’ from the ruling regime of Ethiopia. It must be either complete insanity of the century or designed to legitimize a lawless regime acceptable for Ethiopians.

Where in the real world a Mafia regime soaked in corruption-running racketeering expected to deliver policy that is driven by evidence is the million dollar question the professional hyenas and their partners in crime must answer sooner or later.

Look my people call it anything you wish and for whatever reasons but, the Ethiopian Ruling Regime is noting that resemble a government, not even by African standard. Therefore, the hype about Revolutionary Democracy, Developmental State, and Growth and Transformation Plan or Millennium Grand Project are all to cover up racketeering rings that are robbing the nation never seen in the modern history of Africa.

Unfortunately, speaking the truth can get me charged as terrorist in the jungle justice, convicted in the kangaroo court and crucified by the propaganda machines while the professional hyenas manufacture the evidence. Regardless, my job is to collect the evidence to expose them until we meet in the real court of justice in the free and democratic Ethiopia.

When all the crimes aren’t sufficient burden on the people of Ethiopia ‘independent professionals’- scholars, researchers, journalists, educators… that supposedly stand guard in the public interest failed to confront their counterpart head-on. Instead, they either are silent chitchatting behind close doors or generating water-down research, reports, articles, news… on issues that doesn’t address the fundamental problem of tyranny.

Take for instance the recently published essay titled ‘From Economic Dependency and Stagnation to Democratic Development State: Essays on the Socio-political and Economic Perspectives of Ethiopia’’ authored by Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D.


From the outset, I didn’t read the whole essay thus, I can’t comment on the content or the methodology. Nor I know the author’s background and what he contributed to the knowledge base in ‘sustainable economic development’ to earn him the ‘distinguished Professor of sustainable economic development’ in the Dominican University of California.

But, the loaded title misleads and tells the story of our contemporary professionals in general—measuring performance starting from the wrong premises and in the wrong context — skipping the fundamentals of governance and institutional transparency.

The title of the essay entails, Ethiopia is graduating ‘from economic dependency and stagnation’ into some kind of ‘Democratic Developmental State’. Thus, the question is, can the process of measuring development under a regime that is running parallel state and corrupt business cartel as it is evident in Ethiopia acceptable and valid?  A simple inquiry of the ruling regime’s business holdings would disqualify the regime as a government running State to reject entertaining to measure a transition to ‘Democratic Development State’ but more like a Mafia Development State’

Therefore, given the reality on the ground, the appropriate title for an essay that attempt to measures transition of the Ethiopian political economy should read ‘From Command economy of stagnation and dependency to Mafia Developmental State: Essays on the reality and the hype of transition to Democratic Development State on the Socio-political and Economy of Ethiopia’

Such title would explore and expose the true nature of the new breed of the Mafia regime that took the worst of the command economy and the free economy posing as Revolutionary Democracy or Democratic Development State — promising trickledown benefits for the rest to sustain its rule and robbery.

Again, since I didn’t read or intend to read the entire essay I will leave examining the content and the methodology better equipped ‘professionals’. But, the general fear or capitulation of our contemporary professional elites failing to grab the ‘bull on its horn’ left the people of Ethiopia for ruthless and corrupt regimes playing cat-and-mouse.

Often well intention professionals dive into the hype and create more confusion knowingly or unknowingly legitimize racketeering as acceptable form of governance to base their study. Unfortunately, the world is plenty of such studies that start without addressing the lack of institutional transparency rendering the findings useless in the real problem solving.

The conventional meaning of ‘developmental state’ says

‘Developmental state, or hard state, is a term used by international political economy scholars to refer to the phenomenon of state-led macroeconomic planning in East Asia in the late twentieth century. In this model of capitalism (sometimes referred to as state development capitalism), the state has more independent, or autonomous, political power, as well as more control over the economy. A developmental state is characterized by having strong state intervention, as well as extensive regulation and planning.’

It simply means measurable and verifiable actions a ‘States’ would take to achieve the desire goals to jumpstart an economy.  What it doesn’t say is a state within a state where the ruling party run both as well as racketeering business–channeling resources to it businesses to dominate the economy as it is the case in Ethiopia.

Here is where professional hyenas are attempting to pass the jungle economy where the ruling party corrupt cartel running amok as acceptable way of governance while independent professionals  going along with the hype–afraid of confronting it head-on.

No one knows how the hyenas came up with the idea that a ruling party can run a government, private businesses and non-governmental organizations and control the public resources to dispense it at will can be called Democratic Development State is beyond me.

It reminds me of what is referred as ‘voodoo economics’ (a negative term that is used to describe any prescribed economic action where the predicted future outcome is not directly traceable to that action).  In Ethiopian case, Developmental State resemble more like voodoo economics of feeding TPLF’s cartels and expecting trickle down economic benefits for the rest.

It also reminds me of Professor Gorge Ayittey, the distinguished Professor of Economics at American University and the Director of Free African Foundation, and critic of African intellectuals. He refers them as ‘intellectual prostitutes’ for those covering up for African dictators and ‘functionally illiterate intellectuals’ for those failing to come up with the solution for African problems. As harsh as it sounds, the problems and the solutions of Africa in general remain on the hands of the intellectuals.

The cow and sausage story of a frustrated father that felt he wasted his money sending his son to America to study sums up the narrative of ‘functionally illiterate intellectuals’.  Upon completion of his studies the son returned home with advance degree.  Unable to find a job that meets his qualification from American University for extended period he continued blaming his country’s backwardness to provide him a job that meets his expectation. Every day, around the dining table, he tells his family the technological advancement of America verses his country. One day he told a story he observed where ‘a cow goes at one end of the factory and turn in to sausage at the other end’. The father, listening in frustration another of his story responded  with  his own dilemma of putting sausage on one end of the factory and getting a cow on the other—referring to his ‘functionally illiterate’ son.

For the most part, it appears our contemporary professionals fall between ’intellectual prostitutes’ or ‘functionally illiterate intellectuals’.  On one side there are those putting their profession out for the highest bidder all together as the professional hyenas do. On the other are those afraid to exercise their profession and others that feel the people and the country that educate them owe them as many independent professional do-leaving the people of Ethiopia for the hyenas of tyranny. They are increasingly becoming nauseous society as well as an obstacle for freedom and democracy.

Because of the silent majority intellectuals (the no-see-and-hear evil group) the people of Ethiopia are paying dearly.  The tragedy is those that sold their profession and dignity for highest bidder seems to have an open season on the people of Ethiopia without contest. Where is the justice in that?

Good examples of professional hyenas are those that appear on regime controlled Media to promote the jungle economy as real and the empty growth and transformation hype and Woyane’s highway robbery as acceptable.  They come as journalist, researcher, consultant, businessperson, investors or expert of one thing or another.

Likewise, good examples of ‘functionally illiterate’ professionals are those that couldn’t have principled stand on the public interest to go after the professional hyenas thus tyranny.

In all honesty, I am an admirer the professional hyenas’ dedication for distraction and corruption. The fact they are willing to be accessory to the heinous crimes of the ruling regime says a lot about their dedication for distraction and corruption many lack for good causes.   I don’t believe money alone is enough incentive for such level of dedication for distraction.  Whatever motivates them to bleed their people and country; we could all learn dedication from them to bring about freedom and democracy to our people.

In any self-respecting government, professional hyenas would be stripped of their credential for breach of professional ethics, charge for perjury and conspiracy to commit fraud… as accessories for crime of corruption… to end up losing their job or and going to jail in disgrace.  But, in the lawless nation of Ethiopia they are praised as heroes of Revolutionary Democracy and appear on public events and on the Media as experts, investors, consultant, and businesspersons.

What Ethiopians can do to bring about the people’s government?

Often Ethiopians see the struggle to rid of tyranny rest with the political leaders of the regime.  Quite to the contrary, there must be an all-out war on the professional hyenas in-and-around the regime.  For example, following the professional hyenas–sniffing around to strangle the means-and-ways of the economy to legitimize the jungle economy leads to the most elaborate network of professional hyenas’ syndicates around the world.

Therefore, like any self-respecting people do, confronting the professional hyenas network behind the regime that legitimize the jungle economy in a cover of jungle justice, jungle politics… to ‘Face the Nation’ is the most important and the shortest known method to end the racketeering ring that finance and sustain tyranny. But, the job requires independent professionals to step out of their hiding and help coordinate the struggle in their own profession– Medias, education, health, law, economy etc.  The silence and timidity not showing as much dedication for a good cause as professional hyenas do for distraction remained the obstacle to end tyranny sooner and must be challenged.

Most importantly, Ethiopians in general and the young in particularly must reject anything tyranny and, collectively call on the silent professionals to step out of their hiding. If knocking doors is required it must be done. Demand transparency from one-and-all–starting from the professional hyenas in-and-around the regime that carries tyranny on their shoulders must be confronted.

Democracy and the rule of law is about accountability, there is no way around it. We know Woyane tyranny and its professional hyenas are accountable for no one but their pocket book. What we want to know is, are all others accountable to the people of Ethiopia or someone else?

When Ethiopians break the silence to demand accountability from one-and-all Woyane tyranny will end in a matter of days and the hyenas behind it will disappear in the darkness; unfortunately with our money.

That is preciously why accountable and transparent Medias and advocacy groups are needed now than ever to go after the professional hyenas of Woyane and everybody else. Those that retreat to ‘Face the Nation’ are no good for our people.  As they say, that is the honest truth you can take to the bank.

Again, Ethiopian Satellite Television/Radio is the best thing that happened to Ethiopians. Anyone that tells you otherwise is hiding something not ‘Face the Nation’. I highly recommend a program called “Face the Nation” to start soon to knock on the doors of the hyenas and the rest.

In conclusion, as professional hyenas scramble to save the regime goes on, a short note of warning for all involved in sustaining a dying regime for momentary $$ and self -interest reasons is order.  I suggest looking at the realities around you to find your way out as your masters in TPLF are looking for fall guys as they are shifting money, family members and more to leave you behind for the Day-of-Reckoning coming soon.  Time is running out for the regime and your likes, you might as well make yourselves useful  leaking the information and details that will help speed this collapse and have our motherland Ethiopia have the fresh start her people  yearning for too long.  As the English will say, ‘make your mistakes once or take the money and run’. There is no glory in being accessory for crime against the people.

This article is dedicated to the brave Ethiopian souls languishing in the dungeons of the jungle justice of Woyane. As the hyenas of the regime feast on the blood of the people there is nothing they fear most than the presence of these brave Ethiopians. Make no mistake they are the future leaders of Ethiopia. Woyane stooges will never rest until they surrender for the ideals of these braves Ethiopians.

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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