Woyane’s jungle justices: Guilty until the evidence is manufactured?

January 13, 2014

When people get drunk on beer they become obnoxious but, by lust for power and money they become deadly. Playing zero-sum games of ‘us against them’ and ‘guilty until proven innocent by trumping on the rights and freedoms of our people is crude joke of diversions.

by Teshome Debalke

Ethiopia became a comedy club of TPLF‘s crude jokes In the last two decades but, nobody is laughing. It is another tragedy we as people are going through in our history where our rights became a commodity bought-and-sold by ethnic warlords.TPLF jungle justices

The stooges of Woyane masquerading as officials, cadres, parliamentarians, judges, journalists… are nothing more than impersonators of TPLF’s deadly jokes. That isn’t all, if you don’t take their crude jokes as real you are guilty of violating one thing or another—‘terrorism’ being their favorite joke these days for obvious reason. If that don’t work, there is always ‘corruption’,  ‘violating the constitutional order’ or my favorite one, ‘to change constitutionally elected government by unconstitutional means’ — as the former comedian chief extraordinary Birket Simon use to put it.

As a result, ‘guilty until proven innocent’ became Woyane’s trademark and weapon of mass terror at the cost of thousands of our people’s lives, rights and freedom.

When they say ‘little knowledge is dangerous’ they weren’t kidding. Thus, when a constitution became a cookbook of ethnic peddlers, it turned into a weapon-of-mass-division. When the courts became lodges of ethnic cadres, they turned into weapon-of-mass-punishments. When the security apparatuses became the club of ethnic assassins, it became a weapon-of-mass-terror. When Election Board becomes a coffee shop of ethnic stooges, it turned into a weapon-of-mass robbery of votes. When the Media becomes a studio of headless cadres, it turns into the weapon-of-mass-deception. When public resources fall under corrupt ethnic officials/cadres, it becomes the weapon-of mass-robbery, and on and on. Welcome to Revolutionary Democracy and Developmental State designed by self-declared minority warlords.

The former High court Judge Israel Feyesa interview on ESAT radio, (a must listen interview)  describing the lawless jungle justices of Woyane and the crude jokes of TPLF on the rights of our people. A true professional and patriotic Ethiopian we can’t afford not to listen to understand when justice falls in the hand of headless ethnic gangs of cadres. Moreover, we can’t seat idle when an out of control TPLF goons are dividing and destabilizing our community using ethnic warlords to sustain Minority Rule.

Woyane stooges and apologists must either be dumb enough to go along with the jungle justice or corrupt enough to clap with one hand and laughing their way to the bank with the other. There is no other explanation why their behaviors like headless chickens at the expense of the rights and freedom of the people of Ethiopia.

Ever since TPLF’s comedian extraordinary Meles Zenawi departed, the headless ethnic stooges seem to run out of material to humor us and are increasingly sounding silly.  Apparently, the ethnic warlord that replaced him wasn’t good enough to come up with his own crude jokes he was assigned deputy comedians to help him. In fact, at best the new warlord and his deputies can come up with is recycling the late TPLF’s warlord/comedian’s jokes.  Everywhere you look; it is like watching a re-run of the same crude jokes over-and-over again.

Likewise, Woyane cadres/comedians in Diaspora with privilege of seeking knowledge under the safety of the free world are parroting the same crude jokes.   The ‘terrorist are coming’ and’ the economy is growing by double digit’ seems the only line their miserable lives depended on.   The reality– the self-declared minority ethnic tyranny’s stooges are the only terrorist in the house that are terrorizing and robbing the people of Ethiopia by double digit don’t seem to cross their mind for the obvious reasons.

Cruder cadres/comedians among the Diaspora are those masquerading as journalist and Media–running around in circle like headless chickens.  It isn’t knowledge they are  lacking nor deprived of freedom to express it, but lack of character made them ride the low road on behalf of ethnic tyranny that are committing heinous crimes on Ethiopians.

Unfortunately, a little perk for people confined in ethnic cage can go a long way of making headless stooges talk with both sides of their mouth. How long they remain accessory to crime–playing these deadly crude jokes remain to be seen.

Don’t get the wrong impression, stooges and apologists of Woyane are not the only crude comedians in our community. There are many comedians more than we need. Some in the ‘opposition’ camp can be as crude jokers as Woyane stooges and apologists.  The more visible and vocal one that comes in mind is ‘Oromo First’ comedian Jawar Mohamed and Co. The young and confused ethnic comedian that often  throws the ‘baby with the bathwater’ every time he opens his mouth continue to reduces the rights and freedom of our people into comedy show. He reminds me of the Eritrean Liberation Front’s comedians that played the crude joke on our people to end up dividing them from motherland and ended up with no liberation, freedom, rights or mother or fatherland.

I think this liberation movement is a deliberate ploy of opportunists to divide and deprive our people their freedom, their rights and their country and the evidence is compelling.

Jawar and Co. isn’t any different following the footsteps of his mentors.  His group last crude joke of the year was when they  render Emperor Menlik II guilty until proven innocent for the loss of’ 5 million ‘Oromos’ during his rule.   When we found out the entire population of Ethiopia was only seven million at that period, the ‘Oromo First’ comedian of the year and the Colombian University student- expert in ‘peaceful movement’ and ‘political analyst’ was mute to man-up. The man that is willing to pile up numbers of our people’ killed that were not even born at the period in order to render guilty verdict on the legendary ‘King of Kings’ Menilik II isn’t expert of anything nor liberator of anybody or freedom fighter for anyone, but an out of control bigot that charge, prosecute and convict by manufacturing evidence. The machete intellectual is no good for our people, Oromo or otherwise. Turning the basic tenant of democracy –due process of law in its head, he is swinging his machete indiscriminately against our people following the foot step of TPLF.

His latest crude joke was boycotting a beer factory for sponsoring Teddy Afro concert. No one knows whether he is calling on Ethiopians of only ‘Oromo’s’  and  Muslims he claim to belong  or crossing boundaries Woyane erected when it serves his interest. But, whatever it is, his target wasn’t the beer factory or Teddy Afro but Guilt by association of Emperor Menilik II with the ‘Amharas’   –  rendering then guilty until proven innocent as he manufactures more evidence.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Jawar making good points for our people and as much as I am digested with his crude jock when it serve his agenda.  But, when I hear any self-appointed ethnic peddlers play opportunistic politics — cherry-picking what suites them, as he does it makes me sick to my stomach.

For example, from all pressing issues of our people under Woyane ethnic tyranny is boycotting a beer brand the best Jawar can come up with? Where are boycotting Woyane’s factories of corruption; robbing our people blind? How about boycotting ethnic peddlers like him that make up stories to create conflicts among our people? And most importantly, how about advocating the democratic rights of the people he claims to represent to choose their destiny with their people and country?

Such crude joke is what is wrong with our contemporary elites or ‘the functionally illiterate intellectuals’, as Professor Ayatee refer them.  More saddening, what is the young 20 plus years’ old doing—peddling ethnicity and religion of the ‘hippo generation’ than democracy and the rule of law of ‘the cheetah generation’? Don’t beat on snake oil salesmen that promise milk and honey and deliver…

Comedian aside, the people of Ethiopia are not pawns for opportunist politicians of one form or shape masquerading as one thing or another.  Nor, the lives and rights of the people an academic exercise of out of control ethnic peddlers, religious zeolites, ideology pushers or Merchants-of- death. Let’s get it in our head; the rights of the people of Ethiopia can’t be retailed by adventurist. Whatever we do — peddling our political or economic interest, we have to understand, not only the crude comedians of Woyane have to go but, we all have to come to grips with the reality to surrender to the rights and freedom of our people.  No matter what kind of crude jokes the ‘revolutionary democracy’ or ‘developmental state’ that comes out of Woyane ethnic tyranny or all kinds of promises from anyone else nothing short of democracy is acceptable.

Therefore, there is no argument or disagreement on the rights and freedom of our people. Thus, if one claims to be political party, Media, advocacy group, liberator of one form or another there is nothing left worth talking but doing — surrender for the democratic rights of the people and reject everything else. Is it too much to ask or too hard to comprehend?

Coming back to our contemporary crud comedians, it seems their relevancy depends on the constant conflict they create among our people to divert the issue.  I say, when people get drunk by beer they become obnoxious but, by lust for power and money they become deadly. Playing a zero-sum game of ‘us against them’ and ‘guilty until proven innocent’ by trumping on the rights and freedom of our people is crude jock of diversion that must end now.

Our contemporary ethnic elites are losing their mind — drunken by the lust for power and money to think our people are pawns for their crud and deadly jocks.  The only advice I can offer them is; don’t act like headless chickens on the expenses of our people.

The democratic rights of our people can’t and wouldn’t be negotiated by anyone with anybody. There is no us and them, but us and tyranny of all form starting with Woyane.  Woyane and its comedian stooges must surrender. The rest of us must submit to the will of our people. There is nothing more or less to say.

It’s about time every Ethiopian speaks now or never. The silence is leaving our people and country pawns and playground of ethnic and religion peddlers and the Merchant-of-Death.

If we love our people and country as we claim; ‘don’t ask what your people and country should do for you ask what you can do to your people and country’.  In our case, it is only to respect the democratic rights and freedom of our people no matter what the peddlers tell us otherwise.

The line is drawn; Woyane’s stooges are running like headless chicken to sustain ethnic tyranny. Ethiopians are chasing the stooges and demanding surrender to the democratic rule. If I may suggest for all current supporters and stooges of Woyane and the Regime, take the money as it will dry up in the coming years but come clean with your conscience and give up the information you know and have that will shake the regime and uproot it once and for all.  You all know who to feed the stories keep it coming and play your part.  You can hide from your people that are yearning for change but not from your God and your consciences.

Which side you want to be? If and but is not going to do it and my dog ate my homework is not an option.

posted by Daniel tesfaye

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