Let Us Co-ordinate Our NEXT Rallies More!!

November 16, 2013

by Anteneh Shiferaw

Ethiopians Mobilizing Themselves within a “Short Span of Time” around the world against “The Savage Saudi Arabian KINGDOM” is Historical! This mobilization has to continue, by all means, till the end of the Savage work of Saudi Arabian KINGDOM! For that effect, besides the different diplomatic works at different levels, the demonstration against Saudi Arabia’s Embassies has to continue in different cities and countries of the world!

outside the Saudi embassy in the capital Addis Ababa

As we know, The Saudi Arabian SAVAGE KINGDOM is our historical enemy that still continues to destabilize our region for centuries by collaborating with our domestic Sub Servants groups like the current TPLF!! As a result, this is a very historical moment that should not be missed out to underline the degree of what our relationship holds with such SAVAGE KINGDOM would be, in the future, after TPLF?

In the meantime, I had watched the Rallies which were held, specifically, in Washington DC and Stockholm. The huge number of participants in these demonstrations justifies how we Ethiopians are “ONE AND THE SAME WHEN IT COMES TO DEFEND OUR OUTSIDE COMMON ENEMY!” What is more astonishing is that the presence of our Eritrean Brothers and Sister in our Hardest Time is paramount to address our common enemy. I hope this oneness has to continue and encouraged to a higher degree of unity against our common enemy that creates division between us! In fact, the purpose of this very short article is not to discuss anything more than the current issue of the day. i.e., the Slogans used during these Rallies/demonstrations do not real transcend (clearly) our degree of frustrations across the public!

Therefore, I believe in our next, elsewhere, planned demonstrations we have to use more meaningful slogans that could transcends our message to THE SAVAGE KINGDOM and across the general public in which we diaspora Ethiopians are currently living in.

For that matter, I wrote a few Basic Slogans of the Day as follows:

1. Stop the killing of Innocent Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia! 2. Ethiopia Was the First Country Sheltering Prophet Mohammed’s Followers! 3. Your Country was The Enemy of Prophet Mohammed and his Followers! 4. You are the Source of Islamic Fundamentalism! 5. You are the Source of Terrorism! 6. You Disturb Our Peaceful World with Fundamentalism! 7. You are Savage, Wake Up, Open Your Eye, Respect Humanity! 8. Respect Religious Freedom! 9. Respect Christians! 10. It was the Christian Ethiopia Sheltering Prophet Mohammed’s Followers! 11. Stop all your criminal acts/works against our sisters and brothers! 12. We are proud Ethiopians Living in the Democratic World! 13. We won’t forget what you are doing against Ethiopians! 14. You will pay the Price when the time comes! 15. Stop Destabilizing Our World With Fundamentalism! 16. You are still living in the mind set of Slavery Era! 17. You are representing the most SAVAGE Country of the Earth! 18. You are The Ambassador of a SAVAGE Country in our Planet! 19. You become Mad with Your Petrol Dollar, and Kill Innocent Ethiopians! 20. Shame on Your Savage King! The KING OF SAVAGE Country! 21. Shame to See a SAVAGE KING IN OUR WORLD! 22. SHAME TO SEE A SAVAGE KING in THIS 21st Century! 23. WE WON’T forget what you did against our Sisters and Brothers

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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