TPLF’s Abay Dam Scam Failed again in Los Angeles

October 27, 2013         

(Ethiopian Review) Woyannes (members of the ruling party in Ethiopia) by nature are among the most stupid creatures in the world. Why else would they come to the Diaspora to try to collect money from the same people they have forced into exile? And they do it over and over again even though every time they try, they are met with angry Ethiopians who confront them. Recently the Woyanne thugs were humiliated and chased away in Germany. Previously, they had attempted to do the same thing in Norway, Sweden, South Africa (where Tedros Adhanom ran like an impala when Ethiopians stormed his hotel), Houston, San Diego, Melbourne, and Dallas.

Yesterday, it was Los Angles. As expected, only about 10 – 20 people showed up to give them money (which is less than what they pay for organizing the fund raising event. Outside, several angry Ethiopians also waited for them.

A protest participant sent Ethiopian Review the following photos of Woyanne supporters arriving at the fund raising event. It is to be noted that many of these individuals are in the U.S. as political refugees, and yet they support the government that they claimed in their asylum application as their abuser. Why doesn’t the USCIS look into their fraudulent asylum application?

Woyanne thug shows middle finger to the protesters  Los Angeles Woyanne agent 1

Los Angeles Woyanne agent 13

Los Angeles Woyanne agent 12

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