Mission Failed: Awramba Times editor, Dawit Kebede, Returning Back to Ethiopia (video)

October 25, 2013
Editor’s Note: Another surprise? Not actually. We know why he came. And we know why he is returning. It is not working. We exposed him for what he is. And it is clear beyond clear to everyone. And his mission is aborted. There is no use for Dawit to hang out here in the Diaspora.


There is something that is great about his return back to TPLF’s bossom. We, in the Diaspora, have succeeded in routing out a double agent out of our midst. He could have infiltrated and destroy ESAT from within. That did not happen, thanks to the intuitive and wise decision made by ESAT management. Dawit;s mission was to target ESAT and it has spectacularly failed.

Now, he has to return after having a bogus interview by Yared Tibebu, another loser, who has been knocking at Bereket’s door begging to return him to power. Will Yared Tibebu be next to return to TPLF’s bossom? It remains to be seen.

I have a suspicion that Dawit may have found another mole to replace him here in the Diaspora. This person may probably be considered a respected opposition journalist working in ESAT or on any of the opposition websites. Please watch out for trends or some activities out of the ordinary by any body. I have already a few people in my radar screen. But it is too early to tell. I will be watching and on guard.

Watch Dawit’s fake interview by Yared Tibebu announcing his return to TPLF’s bossom.

After his return, Dawit may play that comedy a second time. He may go through that fake imprisonment by TPLF only to be released later along with Reeyot and Wubshet, may be. This way he will try to hoodwink the opposition in Ethiopia and spy for TPLF all over again.

I hope the opposition in Ethiopia is aware of who Dawit Kebede is and carefully watch his steps never trusting what he writes or says.

“ጌታዋን የተማመነች በግ ላቷን ውጪ ታሳድራለች” ነው ነገሩ:: ይሂድ እንጂ:: ህወሃት አቅፎ ስሞ ይቀበለዋል::

Here is a quote from Dawit’s friends at Aiga Forum.

“Good for you Dawit! We wish you a productive return and now that you have seen what the extremists infested opposition in Diaspora looks like, hopefully you will encourage the legal local opposition not to mingle with these forces through your editorial! Ethiopia needs responsible opposition!”

Here we go. The naive Aiga Forum is tipping us what Dawit’s next assignment is after his return. “To infiltrate and spy on the local opposition.“

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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