Berket Simon : Badme is Eritrean


Bereket Simon went on an Eritrean paltalk room and assured his listeners that his government believes Badme is Eritrean. It is a view shared by top TPLF/EPRDF government officials. They were prevented from handing over the area at the time of the Hague decision because of stiff resistance from Tigrians/Ethiopians and the military. They sought dialogue with Higdef Mendef  as a way out in the hope Isaias Afekelbi would grant them a face saving piece of Badme town so they can hoodwink the public into believing they retained Badme. Isaias Afekelbi however wanted to humiliate weyane. So refused any dialogue. He wanted total capitulation.

Badme is not just a small piece of barren town. It is ~ 800 sq Km of land. In the current map, the border is some 70 km from Tembien. If Ethiopia hands over Badme, the border will move within 30 km of Tembien. 

Will Tigrians feel comfortable having Higdef Mendef 30 km from Tembien? Will Tigrians be happy to see Higdef Mendef military base built on the cemetery of Ethiopians soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice to liberate the area? Will Tigrians be comfortable seeing Higdef Mendef digging for gold, and discovering some on Badme plain?Bahtawi

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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