By Daniel Tesfaye{From Norway}
Ethiopian prime minster Hailemariam warned any poltical opposition parties who has contact with Ginbot7,OLF,and ONLF belong to terrorist and will be punished or to a penality for offence.
I have a question to prime minster Hailemariam .
First of all who is the terrorist in Ethiopia?
I think ,I thought the terrorist in Ethiopia is your government that you are working for it.
All Ethiopians people know what drama EPRDF making by the name of terrorism but the most terrorist and dictator in Ethiopia is EPRDF.
Even your government didn’t allow oppositions parties to organize freely or to convass for a new members several opposition parties candidates were harassed or put in to prison,so P.M. Who is the terrorist?
EPRDF regime has been abusing its poltical power to put every sector of the peaceful oppoositions under its control by denying them their natural rights.
so P.M the terrorist in Ethiopia is you and your government {EPRDF}
offcourse P.M. Hailemariam you have no power in the ruling parety .your power is reading what EPRDF order you to read.and speaking what EPRDF order you to speak so you are jest a messanger for them.
The poltical opposition is mostly in prison or in exile .terroristlaws introduced in 2009 are used arbitrarily to detain people,journalists and opposition take big risk.
Blogger write critically however,security is effective it was helped with the mind control it is Chinese.
opposition parties websites are blocked in Ethiopia.people in Ethiopia they cant watch what they want to watch and they cant speak what they want to speak and they cant write what they want to write because of the government restrication.
According to Amnesty international ,Human rights watch and the committee tp protect journalists have been vocal critics of the anti.terrorism law.The lawscritics call it an effective tool for silencing dissenet saying some of the provisions would violate the right to freedom of expression and association.
In Ethiopia one of controversial provisions of the anti.terrorism proclamation states that who so ever writes,edits,prints,publishes,publicizes disseminates shows makes to be heared any promotional statements encouraging supporting or advancing terrorist acts stipulated under this proclamation is punishable with rigorous imprisonment.
Ethiopia ranked 137th out of 179 countries in the reporters without border press freedom index.Ethiopia remains a very dangerous country for journalists.
Ethiopian dictators and terrorist government please listen if you have functioning ears and processing brain.
The major concern for your victims and perhaps for any human Ethiopian citzen is your dictatorial rule,your boundless greed,your endless mass murder,crime against humanity and genocide.stop against humanity.
Free all poltical prisoners in Ethiopia.
We need freedom
Victory to Ethiopian People
BY Daniel Tesfaye


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