G7 is forming a network within the Defense Forces: Andargachew

October 2/ 2013

Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of the opposition Ginbot 7 Movement said that they are forming their own network within the Ethiopian Defense Forces. He said this after a successful fund raising event held in Norway over the weekend.

Andargachew said the fund raising, on the one hand, motivates the members of the Ginbot 7 Popular Forces and also reminds us that we have a huge public responsibility. He said the four defecting Air Force pilots that joined the Movement were in a good condition and his Movement has been instituting lines within the Army, the Air Force, and the Intelligence on a conduct that the securities cannot trace.

He also stressed that there should not be any fund raising event in the name of the Popular Force or individuals until the Force makes its own fund raising programs public in the future.

Similarly, Andargachew also gave a visual and textual explanation of the aims, missions and visions of the Popular Force up until its present condition to a crowed in Stockholm, Sweden.

During the event he said the Force was not hierarchical but horizontally structured where everyone was treated equally. It is also a Force founded by Ethiopians that hailed from all parts of the world leaving their families, children and life aside, Andargachew added.

According to him, the aim of Ginbot 7 is not only establishing a democratic system but it is also returning the values that Ethiopians have been stripped of for the past 22 years
posted by Daniel tesfaye


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