Ethiopian Government Intelligence Links Sheik Al-amoudi with Woldia Muslim Protest

The Ethiopian government has been continuously accusing Alshabab, the Eritrean government and Ginbot 7 of supporting the Ethiopian Muslims protest movement which it called “a phenomenon that has tested EPRDF”, however this time, the Ethiopian Intel has accused one of Ethiopia’s and Africa’s richest people, the Tycoon Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi of supporting the movement, ESAT has learnt. The Intel office has submitted the report to government officials.

Muslim students in Woldia, North Central Ethiopia, had recently blocked the road and transportation between Addis Abeba, Lalibela, Sekota and Dessie. Thirteen youth have been detained for “inciting the violence”. According to the findings by the Ethiopian Intel officers, Al Amoudi was behind this protest.

ESAT has learnt that the leadership of the ruling Front, EPRDF and the Joint Anti Terrorism Force of the Federal Police after discussing on the issue, have declared that it was impossible to take measures against Al Amoudi but decided to give him a counsel via a team of officials that will be led by the Prime Minister’s Advisor, Bereket Simon.

Sheikh Al Amoudi has recently entered into dispute with government officials in relation to taxation, land and construction. The government’s Intel office did not disclose how it obtained the information. Some sources say the government is using the case to discipline the Sheikh that is feared to have become “above the law”.

Al Amoudi is one of the major financers of the ruling Front, EPRDF. ESAT’s efforts to get the response of Sheikh Al Amoudi and his associates have been unsuccessful.
posted by Daniel tesfaye

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