African dictators’ crocodile tear for justice

Sunday, September 22, 2013
By Belayneh Abate

The gluttonous and corrupt African tyrants are raising their voice again against the international criminal court (ICC). They are preaching us that ICC is an unjust institution which hunts only Africans. I do not think Africans would have any problem if this claim came from people other than African Rulers who murder innocent peoples every minute using guns, prisons, torture chambers, starvation and disease as weapons.

The urgent priority for these shameful despots is the unequal treatment of heinous criminals; not delivering justice for victims of the criminals. Is not this another indicator for the immoral nature of the African despots? Unlike these wicked dictators, I hope Africans would set the priority the other way around. Ya! Africans should demand justice for the victims before they talk about unequal treatment of mass murderers. Humanity exists wherever humans live. Therefore, perpetuators of crimes against humanity and genocide shall face justice (even after death) anywhere on this earth. The African dictators’ claim that ICC should set dreadful African murderers free since it is not chasing criminals from other parts of the world is a non-sense argument.

The African oppressors (many of them mass murderers) are barking that the unjust ICC should stop looking for them when they massacre innocent African citizens in one or another way. What a shame! Which direction their three fingers direct when their index finger points towards the ICC? Do not these African tyrants kill citizens even when they are not happy with the color of their victims’ eyes? How many people are being killed in Africa every day by these despots’ armed forces? How many innocent people are dying in infested prisons? How many are experiencing physical, mental and psychological tortures in Africa as we speak? Is it not enamoring to observe when African rulers who slaughter their own citizens like livestock speak about justice?

ICC may have its own limitations. However, ICC is not looking for Nelson Mandela or John Mahama. ICC is looking for criminals who appointed themselves as rulers and committed crimes against humanity and genocide. Otherwise, who should be responsible for the bloodshed in Liberia, Rwanda, Sera Leone, Ethiopia, Libya, Kenya, Sudan and other unfortunate countries? Who shall be held accountable for the illegal imprisonments, tortures, disappearances, ethnic conflicts, mass murders being committed in most of African countries as we speak?

African dictators! Please listen if you have functioning ears and a processing brain. The major concern for your victims and perhaps for any humane- African citizen is your dictatorial rule, your boundless greed, your endless mass murder, crime against humanity and genocide; not ICC’s partiality. I do not think any concerned African citizen will care if Satan, let alone ICC, brings you to justice. An African adage goes “it does not matter where you crush the crop; just bring the flour.” What is needed is justice for your victims! You should face justice anywhere on earth or in the sky for the endless monstrous crimes you repeatedly committed against innocent Africans to prevent further flourishing of your clones on Africa soil.

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posted by Daniel tesfaye


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