Journalist Reeyot enters 4th day of hunger strike

De Birhan

September 13, 2013

Ethiopian educator and journalist, Reeyot Alemu, has entered her fourth day of hunger strike, sources and reports have stated. Reeyot’s mother told ESAT Tv last night that her daughter, who suffers from stomach ulcers, has refused to accept food coming from outside or inside the prison.

It was following the orders of Kaliti Prison authorities on September 10, 2013 that directed Reeyot Alemu could only be visited by her parents and a religious Father, she kicked off the hunger strike.

Her younger sister, Eskedar Alemu had written on her Facebook wall that Reeyot Alemu was finding herself in an extremely difficult predicament in Kaliti prison.

Eskedar had noted on her post that the Head of Female Prisoners’ Rooms of the Prison known as Aminazer has been abusive to Reeyot and her visitors. ”And now, Colonel Haymanot Tesfaye, an ex-rebel and official of the TPLF, who was recently arrested following her husband, Gebrewahed Woldegiorgis (former Deputy Director of Customs and Revenue Authority and TPLF member) on corruption charges, has been placed in the same room with Reeyot and was given a bed next to Reeyot” she had written. Colonel Haymanot has been insulting and threatening Reeyot the whole night. Reeyot and her families now fear for Reeyot’s “life and safety”.

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