Christian Akraris of the Ethiopian Orthodox in the Diaspora

August 24, 2013

by Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopia is known around the world as “YeNestanet Deset”. It got this name by huge sacrifice it paid to defend itself from foreign aggressors. Both Christians and Muslims died for Ethiopia.There were traitors from both in our history and also brave fighters. We have plenty in our time here in the Diaspora.Christian Akraris of the Ethiopian Orthodox in the Diaspora

In our recent history, relationship between Emperor Haile Selassie and Bitweded Sultan Ali Mirah is well described in a book “YeSultan Ali Mirah YeHiwet Tizitawoche” by Aramis Humed Lule Amharic translation by Ahmed Hasen from French Ethiopian Study Center in 2011. Like today “EthiopiaYeChristian Deset” T Shirt wearers then ” Akrari Mekewnent” were advocating for Haile Selassie to push away Sultan because he was a devoted Muslim. For them he was a “threat” who traveled to Mecca and Egypt frequently.

Haile Selassie told them if I told him not to travel to Meca for Haji how could then will be possible for me to travel to Jerusalem ? Our generation of Ethiopian Tewahedo Christian is sub divided into its “Gosa BeteChristians” have nothing to offer for Ethiopian Muslims. Ethiopian Muslims shattered “Gosa” and came out as Ethiopian Muslims. “YeChristian Desete” T Shirt wearers better wear their Gosa T Shirts than carrying Ethiopia with their only religion.

Woyane anti Ethiopian Muslim propaganda has huge support in the diaspora Ethiopian Tewahdo Christian churches because the churches are promoting “YeGosa Christian Menfese”. Shame on them !!!! “Hager Yegara Haymanot YeGelNewe” is no longer applicable for the churches in the diaspora because many of the deacons, priests and bishops are now another passport holders. Our churches are now franchised like Mac Dolland by “Gosa” motivated wearing a Christian dress.

No surprise they are praying for Meles Zenawi and Tagaye Paulose come this Sunday. Like Akrari Christian Mekwanent in the 1950s our Diaspora Akrari Christian Tourists are joining Woyane in denying the right of Ethiopian Muslims in their own country.

Hager Yegara Haymanote Yegel Newee !!!!!

Melkam Feleseta LeOrthodox Tewahedo BeMulu !!!!

Down with Christian Akraris in Diaspora !!!!


posted by Daniel tesfaye



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