When ESAT beams its light on there is no place to hide

August 18, 2013

The truth is, there is no glory associating with a dying criminal regime and everybody knows it. The most you gain out of it self-incrimination that would hunt you the rest of you life until justice catches up with you. Noting you do would prevent the unavoidable demise of Woyane, noting. It is the fact every Woyane stooge must understand and live with until the end. The best one can do is abandon the criminal regime; sooner than later.

by Teshome Debalke

The news Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT) called for a town hall meeting of all Ethiopian political parties, civic society and activist to discuses the pressing issues of our people is another breakthrough that call for celebration. Personally, I am ecstatic. The long awaited public meeting in the history of our people finally going to happen. Now Ethiopians can seriously begin addressing the problems of our people once-and-for-all. It is like being ‘born again’; not to run away from our past as many of our contemporaries do but, to take personal responsibility for our bad behaviors.ESAT beams its light on

As I said before, ‘ESAT is the best thing that happened to Ethiopians since the Adwa victory’ and we haven’t seen anything yet. I can confidently say real Ethiopians know what I am talking about. The convenient Ethiopians, especially those that tag along with Woyane are confused bunches; afraid their love affair will end soon with the dishonorable Woyane. Lost like a hapless mistress in the middle of the night watching the door to hear the fate of her lover.

Naturally, undermining ESAT comes from the same people that live in a bubble with Woyane’s fairytale. The truth is so powerful even the Woyane Communication Minster is scared and running like a frightened rabbit when his phone rings. Instead of facing the truth the hapless Woyane is sending its goons after the messengers of the truth. When that isn’t possible; altering the truth became second nature to Woyane.

With all honesty, not too many people understand the impact truth telling would have on the mind of many that have been feed fairytales most of their lives. Ever since mass-media was introduced we as people have been deprived of the truth so-much-so the dishonorable Woyane made some of us believe we don’t exist as Ethiopians.

The saddest thing of all is the people that run our country today are guided by fairytales of Woyane. There are others that call themselves Media men repeating the same fairytale over-and-over again; hoping to make people believers of the hoax. Take the dishonorable Prime Minster Hailemariam’s insult against our people of the Muslim faith; mimicking his TPLF handlers. If that isn’t an insult to the people of Ethiopia what could it be?

‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste’ and there are quite lots of people willingly wasting it; absorbing as much rubbish they can handle and spewing it as fast as they can discharge it. It is fascinating to explore how they came about to believe Woyane’s fairytales and go on further to spew and act on it. Isn’t a mind precious enough to protect it from gabbling up rubbish?

When I began looking in some of the rubbish news outlets to see if they do it intentionally or simply discharging the rubbish they have been feed for extended period, I came to conclusion contrary to what I thought before. Most of them are indeed the causalities of the fairytale they have been feed most of their lives with a twist of hate to make them irrational zombies. I reached to that conclusion quite recently after I saw and heard what the Woyane badmouths put out on their Media outlets about our people of the Muslim faith. Before that I thought they do it intentionally to preserve the hapless Woyane as any criminal enterprise would. But, the fact is their mind is filled with rubbish they wouldn’t know any other better way worth living. After all, no rational human being knowingly put out such rubbish unless his/her mind is altered by fairytale.

The truth is painful to hear for someone that lived in bubble as most of Woyane stooges do but, somebody has to tell it so that our people can be free from bottom feeding regime that is a nuisance in society.

When ESAT initiated truth telling I knew long ago it is going to be painful for many that live a life of lies. And, when ESAT call for town hall meeting of Ethiopians and invite the dishonorable Woyane to come and tell the truth I said Ethiopians are free before Woyane actually surrender power. After all, freeing the mind comes first before physical freedom. Ethiopians mind is being freed faster than ever before because of ESAT.

It is the first time in modern history Ethiopians will come together to sort out the fairytale that have been told over-and-over again by the usual suspects, Woyane leading the pack. It is also the first time friends and foes will ‘face the nation’ on the record like never before.

Frankly, noting gives me pleasure than seeing ESAT chase Woyane stooges to face the truth. There is something joyful about seeing liars sweat. Most importantly, they need to hear the truth more than anybody else before they turn dangerously suicidal as they have been acting lately. We should also feel sorry for them for being mentally unstable to do what they do to our people. If you ask me, anyone associated with Woyane should get his head examined. He/she is dangerous to him/herself and for society at large.

I fear the mental instability phenomenon is widespread not only limited with those associated with Woyane. My observation tells me we are in bigger problem than we think. Watching our ethnic elites rationalize fairytale to fit their reality isn’t promising either. In general, our intellectual elites aren’t any better either.

The recent statements by learned men and Medias mimicking Woyane regarding our people of the Muslim faith reinforce the crises our people are facing with our contemporary élites that live in a bubble. If such learned men believe fairytale as reality ESAT needs more resources, more truth telling and more town halls meeting sooner and more frequently.

I also notice the hostility towards ESAT comes from the same circles of deranged individuals and groups led by Woyane’s fairytale. It reminded me of a sudden change from fairytale to truth telling didn’t seat well in the minds of those that are used hearing fictions. Violet reaction, as we are witnessing should be expected when the house build on fairytale erodes with little blowing truth.

Recently some of the same Media outlets put out news as if Al-Qaida is coming through Bole International Airport to hold conference in Addis Ababa with our people of the Muslim faith. Others aren’t ashamed to put out article on ‘the rise of political Islam in Ethiopia’ so that they can continue living in a fairytale world and the goodies that comes with it.

The changing world events like the fall of the Egyptian ruling Islamic Brotherhood Party Woyane banked-on taking the Abby Dam war drum diversion with was replaced by Al-Qaida is coming fairytale. ESAT, G7, Andinet, Blue Party and Church leaders weren’t spared; accused of collaborating with ‘terrorists’ for standing with their people. It is getting so bizarre the regime’s Western apologist puzzled what kind of a monster they helped create. Are the village clowns of the regime graduating into mentally deranged individuals in a suicide mission?

With all honesty, what motivates Woyane to behave the way it does is irrelevant. Our concern should be how to prevent a suicidal regime from blowing itself up and the rest of us with it. If we don’t concentrate on what we should do instead of what Woyane does, we will be going the wrong direction. Woyane shouldn’t be given a choice but to surrender for democratic rule as it is told over-and-over again. Negotiating with the hostage taker in my opinion sends the wrong message.

The people of Ethiopia proved over and over again we are too civilized to be ruled by a corrupt and atrocious ethnic regime like Woyane. More recently our brothers and sisters of the Muslim faith showed the world what civilization is all about the Ethiopian style. That is precisely why I wrote ‘Civilized people uncivilized regime; how did it happen?’ a while back I still struggle to answer how it happened). If truth must be told we don’t have to wait for ESAT to tell it. Each of us must be the messenger of truth when we see it and hear it anywhere at anytime.

Civilizing uncivilized regime is often an impossible task we can’t afford. What is possible is dispelling the fairytales out of the minds of the gullible as ESAT is doing. Therefore, my humble advice to my people is, it isn’t wise to react to the actions of uncivilized regime. Nor it is feasible to fight for the same cause as one group or another separately but as one. Otherwise we will be playing on the hand of the uncivilized regime.

What needs to be done is proactively hound the uncivilized regime on the important issue of freedom and democracy. The rest will take care of itself. ESAT is one tool among many to hound the regime to surrender for the truth and the rule of law. Every political and civic institution must help ESAT to transmit the truth to the desire end.

That said there is no mystery to the nature of uncivilized regimes and their entourage. They all live on borrowed time and stolen money. They are all on a panic mode at all times. They all know they are public enemy # 1; waiting for the judgment day. They all think they can cheat their way out of their criminality. And, they all depend on their assassins and badmouth messengers to stay put.

Woyane is no different than any other uncivilized regime. The problem isn’t the uncivilized regime that should have been long gone if we put our collective act together. Therefore, the question for one-and-all is; do we want freedom and democracy for our people or advance our individual and group’s interest in the chaos the uncivilized regime created?

That is the ultimate question that must be asked and candidly answered by one-and-all in the town hall meeting ESAT organized and for the foreseeable future. Anything less would guarantee to prolong our misery under tyranny.

Again, in my humble opinion blaming the uncivilized regime known to the world may be good enough to cover up our own weakness but, it isn’t good enough to bring about freedom and democracy for our people. After all, there is life after Woyane.

Let the truth be told and become the guiding principle to set ourselves and our people free.

The article is dedicated to ESAT’s family. If there is anybody you need to fear it is the people of Ethiopia. Your job is more important than what all others can do combined. When you made the Warlords of Woyane run as a frightened rabbits you have done your job on behalf of Ethiopians. Capturing, charging and convicting them in court of law are someone else’s job.

When every institution does its job as it should freedom and democracy would be around the corner. Ultimately, ESAT must go after those dragging their feet and detracting the struggle for freedom and the rule of law with as much vigor as it does to seek the truth on behalf of the people. No one is above the law and the interest of the people, no one.

Long live to Ethiopia and Ethiopians

posted by Daniel tesfaye


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